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  • A great message

    I saw this in the grocery store today and it really hit home with me and I wanted to share it with all of you. My mother-in-Law was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago. It's not all bad though because it was caught in the early stages and should be completely treatable. In times like these it's good to be thankful for what we all have and our health and families. This message is for those who have or had cancer or have loved ones or friends with cancer. God bless and keep faith.

    What Cancer Cannot Do

    Cancer is so limited.....

    It cannot cripple Love

    It cannot shatter Hope

    It cannot corrode Faith

    It cannot destroy Peace

    It cannot kill Friendship

    It cannot suppress Memories

    It cannot silence Courage

    It cannot invade the Soul

    It cannot steal eternal Life

    It cannot conquer the Spirit

    Author Unknown

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    Touching post, great words.


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      That really is a great message. My mum was given those precise words on a laminated card by a former sufferer when she herself had breast cancer nearly ten years ago. They were a huge source of comfort to her and carried her through difficult times.

      It's wonderful the advances that have been made in the treatment of this particular form of cancer over the past few years. I wish your mother in law well and will pray for her. It's very encouraging that is was caught early, my mum's was pretty advanced yet she still pulled through and is going strong.

      Thanks for posting Reidman.


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        for anyone who has ever knows someone who had cancer (which is basically all of us) those are awesome words of encouragement - nice thread

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          Thanks guys. Your words mean a lot. It truly is a great message and sometimes people need simple words to hang on to in times of strife and turmoil. Cancer is also something that seems to becoming more prevalent in our society so the more support the better. It's one of those occurences you never really give much thought to until it affects you or your family.