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    Hello, NFL fans
    I’m here to spread good news! Now that the NFL season is over, some of you might be passing the time watching the basketball or waiting for spring training. Well, you can still get your football fix - it’s the ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUE and it’s on NBC every weekend from February to June!
    Forget what you’ve heard about the AFL being a minor league with second-rate athletes. It is a PRO league where the players hit just as hard as the NFL. The pace of Arena Football is faster than any NFL game, and most of the players don’t sit on the bench for half of the game - every player except for the QB, kicker, and specialists play both offense and defense. Some of the 2-way positions are OL/DL, WR/DB, FB/LB.
    Arena Football has many talented players, but you might not recognize their names. Some big names around the league are QB Aaron Garcia/New York Dragons, WR/LB Barry Wagner/San Jose Sabercats, John Kaleo/Austin Wranglers, Hunkie Cooper/Arizona Rattlers just to name a few.
    Some names you might recognize are Kurt Warner from the St. Louis Rams and Tommy Maddox from the Steelers. Both of them got their start in the AFL, as well as some lesser known player who were in the recent NFL playoffs: Antonio Chatman/Packers, Mike Furrey/Rams, David Patten/Patriots. Jay Gruden, head coach and former QB of the Orlando Predators, is also brother of Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach John Gruden and was an assistant coach for the Bucs during their SuperBowl-winning season. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also owns the AFL’s Dallas Desperados and Redskins owner Dan Snyder is expected to bring a team to DC. Also new to the league is the Philadelphia Soul and their owner Jon Bon Jovi and Ron Jaworski, former Eagles QB and ESPN commentator.
    The AFL has 19 teams and is still growing - expansion teams for this year include the New Orleans Voodoo, Philadelphia Soul and Austin Wranglers. The Destroyers were in Buffalo last year but have re-located to Columbus, Ohio.
    The AFL is the perfect compliment to the NFL. Unlike the USFL, WFL and other past leagues, the AFL is not competing with the NFL; Arena Football usually starts the same week as the NFL ProBowl and goes right until the weather gets warm outside.
    I guarantee you the players in the AFL are not playing so they can buy a new Hummer, you don’t hear them complaining about why they’re not making millions. They love to play football and hit guys in the mouth. If you want hits, check it out – you’ll see plenty of them. Bodies hitting each other, bodies hitting the walls and bodies hitting the floor
    If you have any questions about Arena Football, or just want to see what it’s all about, come visit us. There are two main websites that have everything you need to know: they are and - they both have great message boards where a lot of fans hang out. On one or both of those sites, you can find chat rooms, FANTASY FOOTBALL, AFL merchandise, news and just about anything else you could want. There are also links to the teams’ fan clubs and fan sites.
    By the way, I’m not an employee of the league or any of it’s teams, I’m not getting paid in any way for this and not associated with the AFL in any way except for being a very dedicated fan who wants to spread the word about Arena Football. I became a fan last year and it is so cool to be able to watch football during the NFL off-season. Anyway, thanks for reading this – Later! DON’T FORGET TO WATCH NBC ON FEB.8TH AT 3 PM!

    ~Dave B. – a dedicated fan of the New England Patriots, New York Dragons but most of all, the game of football

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    Im looking forward to it, Jon and John, my two favorite guys are now both owners of AFL teams

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      Originally posted by JoviBronco
      Im looking forward to it, Jon and John, my two favorite guys are now both owners of AFL teams
      Yeah - it should be exciting this year with all these big names coming to the AFL.


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        Can anyone name the first AFL champ???

        The "New Black Sabbath"


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          Last year, the AFL expanded to Las Vegas and I immediately became a Gladiator fan. We loved going to the games and enjoyed learning about the new league.

          Cedric Robinson was the most awesome player to watch. This guy was amazing. He was quick and strong. He became my favorite player.

          Now the Gladiators have moved to the Western Division and we are looking forward to more fun this year.

          GO GLADS!
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            I used to have season tickets to the Iowa Barnstormers...damn shame they had to move to NYC because of the power of $$$. I remember watching Kurt Warner pick apart defenses, the rowdy sold out crowds at Vets Auditorium, and just watching the best ever francise to compete in arena football. I miss them soooo much. I guess when the new arena gets done in Des Moines they will be back but it will never be the same without the barn.
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