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  • Living in Another State

    If you could live in a state other than the one you currently reside, where would you move? I might choose Colorado but my California blood might not be able to handle the winters, so I'd probably end up in Hawaii.

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    Ive always wanted to go to the west and it not be really hot so maybe washington, wyoming, colorado, utah, and maybe oregon.


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      Back to Colorado or So. California.


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        I would live in Hawaii

        so beautiful of a state.......and have another home in Colorado.......would go to every home alot of money for some scalp tickets.
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          I'd pick Denver so I can watch games at Invesco, sadly I've never seen a broncos home game.

          I really like Missouri though, theres no dominate climate, the weather changes with the seasons.

          Broncs All the Way Baby!


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            It's NYC/NJ for me...i'd pick to live in new york city, but that's so close, it really doesn't count, so i'll go with Cali...gotta live on one of the coasts, that's for sure.

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              Well, I could do without rain 250 days a year.

              I would probably choose Colorado since I lived there 15 years ago and I loved it there.
              I don't mind the snow as long as I have a dependable vehicle to get around in.


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                Probably Colorado, I'd love to move to Wisconsin though, I LOVE cold weather states.


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                  Colorado baby, I mean c'mon, if you don't at least mention in passing that you'd like to live here just on grounds of who resides there....You aren't a fan . Hell, I already live here and don't want to move elsewhere, I love the mountains.