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I got one parent left today

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    Originally posted by MoFo_JoRo
    Well... not askin for pity... last thing i want is for you all to feel sorry for me but...

    Tracey Rowles died today...

    My deepest heartfelt sympathy to you and your family - what a terrible thing to happen to anyone, let alone a beloved broncos friend - I am very sorry - my prayers are with you and yours


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      Sorry for your loss Joro. This is terrible news to hear Hang in there buddy. Be strong for your brother.

      Were here for you buddy


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        Deepest sympathies to you and your family, mofo. Stay strong and know that the celebration of a life continues throughout the lifetimes of every person touched by her love.

        Would this be the same Tracey Rowles - principal of South Range?
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          Im sorry man. I hope everything can turn out well for you. Just remeber that you have friends and other family around you to help you.

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            Sorry to hear it i'll pray for your family and remember to keep your head up


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              I hope you and your family will recover quickly! I'll pray for you, your brother, and your dad! Stay Strong!


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                I have prayed for you to be strong. I will add your brother Seth in.

                Joe, understand that it is through you, and your life, that she lives on and on. You are her legacy, and I am sure that gave her comfort in the end to know she left behind a good, decent man like you, to walk this earth in her stead.

                Call me.
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                  so sorry

                  As I have gone before you,
                  do not moarn for long.
                  As I am with thy Father,
                  for Him I sing my song.

                  When your time comes due,
                  thy Father will call your name.
                  And you shall come to Heaven,
                  and rejoice to Him the same.

                  Oh Father God Almighty,
                  I turn loose to you my soul.
                  For without my earthly body,
                  I soon will become whole

                  If you need anything MoJo, just yell. I think you have me on your MSN messenger, your on mine.
                  I'll be praying for you and your family
                  sigpic sig by Vulcan thanx buddy


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                    my new msn is [email protected]

                    My other one i lost the password...

                    So far i am doin ok... tho some girl at skool questioned ho wmuch i care, cant wait to lay the smack down on her tomorrow....

                    other than that jus lookin after my bro, pray for him if u belive in that... thanks
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                      Originally posted by draco193
                      Im sorry man. I hope everything can turn out well for you. Just remeber that you have friends and other family around you to help you.

                      But this makes my entire chest hurt. Sorry for your loss mofo.