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Miracle on the court

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  • Miracle on the court

    I don't know if you guys have heard about this but in a high school at rochester, NY, a high school boy who is autistic was given playing time in one of his high school's basketball games. He managed to notch 20 points! It's a true story, here's the link.

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    I saw the story on the news last night. Its a great feel good story. They were showing the crowd. Every time he made a shot, the team and crowd went nuts every time he made a shot.

    At the last shot of the game, when he made the last 3 pointer, the crowd and players rushed out onto the court, lifting the kid up onto someones shoulders.

    Needless to say, the kid had a HUGE grin on this face!
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      That's a great story. It shows what kids can do, if only their given the chance.


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        I heard it on Mike and Mike this morning. maybe he's like one of those super-autistic people that are like wicked good at chess.
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          What a feel good story, kudos to the coach and the team. That was a very nice gesture.


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            I saw the segment, great story.

            He was hotter than a pistol. lol

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              Here's video. Very excellent.

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              Thanks, Snk16!!


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                Man that is amazing. I bet that day was the best for that kid. Very happy for him.

                I was told by one of my girlfriends this morning about this story.

                Simply amazing.