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  • This Makes me MAD!!!!

    WHEAT RIDGE - He might weigh a pound. He has no name. And his odds of surviving the weekend are not good.

    Dr. Peter Erling, a veterinarian at the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital figures the Pekinese mix has about a 30% chance of pulling through.

    Friday afternoon a 19 year old Edgewater woman saw two boys "playing catch" with the 3 week-old puppy. Edgewater police say it's a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

    "How could you not know you were hurting something like that," says Commander Mike Marchese. "They were throwing it back and forth like a football."

    The woman who took the puppy from the boys immediately knew something was wrong. "He was crying, seemed like he was struggling to breathe," says the woman who wants to remain anonymous. "I got mad because I have pets, and I don't think it's right."

    Edgewater police say they are looking for the boys who ran away shortly after they were confronted by the woman. It's a felony to treat a dog this way according to Marchese.

    Erling says all he and the rest of the staff at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital can do now is wait. "We never know how these things are going to turn (out). The first 24 hours is absolutely critical."

    "I just think it's a despicable act. There is no place in society for this type of behavior," says Dr. Erling.
    Make me want to kick there a$$.

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    That is so cruel

    Poor Puppy.
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      Originally posted by 970BroncoFan

      I'd probably poop on those kids if I could.


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        What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        This article hit me on a couple of different levels. The fact that a person is capable of doing this to a living animal is horendous (spelling?) in itself, but for it to be children is even more scary!!!! That raises several red flags and makes me curious to know what is going on with these "boys". They really need to find them and get them the help they need before they go out and hurt another animal or themselves. I share your anger and frankly a scenario like this makes me sick to my stomach!!!!! I love my dogs, they are part of our family and I hope the little guy pulls through this horrible situation!!!!!As for the culprits that are responsible for this, one way or another they will pay!!!!


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          Let's all go and beat him up.

          Man, what a horrible thing to do.


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            Thats horrible.

            I'm sure they wouldn't like it if someone would play catch with them.



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              Man, let me find the punk asses who did this.... Ill punt em through the damn uprights. playing catch with a pup......

              If you take what I have to say seriously, then I'm embarrassed for you.


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                I'd beat the pants out of them...



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                  What!?!?!?!?!!?!?! How could you play catch with a puppy!?!?!?!??!
                  Lets put those two into a prison with their pants down!!!


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                    Reading stuff likes this justs disgusts me. A complete lack of moral character and conscious on those kids who were throwing a living creature around.

                    Time to get them some intensive threrapy under lock and key.
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