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Camaro or Challenger

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    Im not really big into American cars, but I would take the challenger.


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      I said Challenger and I also love the CHARGER!


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        Originally posted by armedequation
        i have to laugh at vette fanatics (not saying your one of them). This year marks the first year that a stock vette can keep up with a stock viper. The viper has been out since 1992 and its taken chevy 12 years to come up with a stock (emphasis with the stock part) version that can compete with the viper. Sorry vette owners

        --- OK arm, you busted me --- i am a Vette man ---

        --- Vettes have been dominating Le Mans for the past few years ---

        --- and you are right, it has taken 50 years for the Vette to come to fruition of it's original concept --- to compete with Euro-Mobiles ---

        --- When I first stopped at a Dodge dealer in '92, I popped the hood and saw a Mitsubishi motor --- I expected to see an American engine --- dissapointed ---

        --- I am happy to see the Charger out now and the Challenger soon --

        --- I had a stock '63 Impala coupe with a 409 with two 4s on a high rise manifold and I had to run in NHRA's FX class against all those 426 Hemis ---

        --- Now a days, as you say, those motors are dinosaurs --- sold mine before I went into the service --- MISTAKE !!! --- I still know a few guys that have some original 426 Hemis ---

        --- I love the old muscle cars --- 421 GTO, Olds 442, Buick Skylark , Camaros, Chargers, Barracudas, Mustangs , 427 Vettes ---

        --- The problem with those cars is that they were built to run on lead ---

        --- Street driving them today would ruin them ---

        --- My state of the art Vette, with advanced engineering and computerized technology, keeps a ''smile on my face" --- plus I get 33 mpg on the highway !!!

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