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Lego Aircraft Carrier!!

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  • Lego Aircraft Carrier!!

    This thing is pretty big.

    I love Legos and I always say that I'm going to go out and get some but I never end up doing it.

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    I have a big ass lego New York city besides me, world trade centers, empire state, chrysler building, etc etc.

    I should take pictures some day.


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      Every time I see one of those giant Lego things I am amazed - it took me the better part of an hour to help my 5-year-old put his Giant Lego Playset together!


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        man overboard!

        Check out Goal Line Blitz

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          I wonder how much that costs! Looks expensive.

          I love the little Lego Hornets and Tomcats, and all the little Lego lifeboats. It must have taken a long time to build that sucker!

          I wonder if it has a pair of little Lego nuclear reactors.

          I loved Lego as a kid, and having kids, I still get to build stuff every now and then. Mostly Star Wars lego toys, but he takes em apart within a few days. I work so hard to get them right!

          I dont know if it's still there, but years ago we took the boy to the Childrens Museum here just across the highway from the stadium. They had this Lego White House that was just amazing! It had to be about 8 feet long and 3 feet high. It was the biggest Lego thing I have ever seen in person.

          I'm gonna look for that next time I am at Target.........


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            Great find TDK, and a good site.........
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