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What stuff do you have which you never use?

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    I don't use my expensive poker set. but I really wanna!!!!

    I also don't use any of my swords in my sword collection. I also hope to never have to.


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      Originally posted by Signal
      I have dressers full of clothes that I have never worn recently, a floor lamp, spiral notebooks, and an old radio.

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        Most of my old gaming systems, they are just collecting dust.
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          Tons of stuff!

          My old Pellet gun, lol.

          My truck! The weathers nice and warm, and with a convertible who wants to drive a pickup?

          I lived in Seattle for a year, and have a 1988 AFC West Champions t-shirt. Never worn that...........

          Raider hats and shorts. Same notation, lol.

          Lots of suits I dont wear anymore.

          Shoes! I am the Imelda Marcos of Broncos Country! I have shoes for every possible situation, from Ice Fishing to going to the White House. But I still wear my Nike's everywhere...... (Not like I am going to the White House anytime soon, lol.)

          Star Trek VHS tapes! Hundreds of them. Havent watched one in a year or so. Well, maybe one or two.

          The Microwave. My kids love it, but I only use it to bring steaks to room temperature before throwing them on the grill, and to keep the cats away from them while doing so.. I NEVER cook in it!

          My pool table/cue. I just dont play much anymore..............


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            My lawnmower....need to do some watering and fertilizing...


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              My car alarm.

              Like the redneck "Cletus" down the ay is gonna jack my ride!

              I only use it when I park at home in my apt at night in the Ville.


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                I have a Randall Cunningham jersey from 1991 that I have not worn in
                10 years

                I also have a tie with paino keys on it. very 80s when I was in HSchool, pretty
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                  Me and some friends had been drinking and bowling and I spent $400 on a spongebob squarepants bowling ball.

                  What makes that transanction even weirder is that I don't even bowl.
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                    My guns, knives, MMA gloves and Jaguar.
                    The Hebrew Hammer's DVD Collection

                    Reggie Bush IR watch-( 5 mins into practice and he pulls up lame.)

                    What will happen when he gets hit by the men in practice.

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             ricky watters philadelphia eagles jersey

                      My dreamcast (last console i bought)

                      I don't watch my dvd's much at all.

                      Same with suits..i don't wear any of them often at all.

                      My Schumi doesn't fit right, so it just sits atop my t.v.

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                        Cologne! I only wear it when I go somewhere fancy (actually I usually forget) and I rarely get all dressed up and go anywhere fancy. Despite this, my Mom insists on buying me a bottle every year for Christmas. She's been doing this since I was a teen-ager so I literally have like 20 bottles of the stuff!


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                          My brain. . .


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                            Originally posted by NJBRONCOSFAN

                            My Schumi doesn't fit right, so it just sits atop my t.v.
                            I really think you should reconsider wearing your Yankee hat as well as it's not the best fit. Best leave that one on top of the tv (or better still in the trash can) and wear that nice red sox hat you've been dying to wear all your life.


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                              And to add on:

                              my scuba diving gear. I took a scuba class, loved it, bought the gear.

                              yea, not too many places to dive in Colorado....


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                                Originally posted by cinnamunmun
                                And to add on:

                                my scuba diving gear. I took a scuba class, loved it, bought the gear.

                                yea, not too many places to dive in Colorado....
                                About as effective as the sled I have in my garage - lol! Hey, maybe we should trade