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What kind of "deals" have you came across?

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    Well, I got an XBOX Live Membership for 12 months and got TWO XBOX Games for about $70 bucks!

    In total the whole deal is worth, $220!



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      I lose money on every deal.....

      but make up for it in volume.


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        I already owned a Turbo Graffix 16, but I saw one that they were selling at the BuyBack Games in Golden for like $10 and I had previously noticed that a store in Boulder (I think it was a GameForce) was selling one for like $30, so I purchased the one in Golden and brought it to the place in Boulder (I was going there anyway for a party). Anyway, I sold it for $25. It was only $15 of profit, but I was planning at stopping at both places anyway, so it was like I just found the money and it seemed pretty awesome. I felt like a ferengi.

        Suddenly, that made me think of the time that I found a $100 bill on the ground.

        And that in turn made me think of the Simpsons when Mr. Burns attached a $100 bill to a string and then pulled it away in a teasing fashion when people tried to pick it up from the ground. Then he drove away.

        Now, I want to do that.
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