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Does it feel like summer in your area?

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    Heck yea it does....HOT days here in Kansas City this weekend....
    Tony G

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      Originally posted by NASurfer
      Wind and rain here in the Pacific NorthWest.

      I'm hoping we get a good summer.

      I'll trade you our heat for some of your rain
      Ready for the friggen season already!


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        It's kind of sticky in New Orleans. Hot and wet... Winters here feel like summers half the time... Summers feel like a sauna...

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          48 F now, on the way to 59 F High & 34 F Low Tonight. Mostly cloudy w/ 30% chance of rain.


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            yeah... let me check...



            and after walking outside on my balcony naked... id say due to the evident shrinkage... i think i just dropped down into single digit inch measurment...

            no would be the appropriate answer to the summer question...

            it is certanly winter...

            yep... its a sad life living in the other hemisphere...



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              Well we've had our winter, such as it was, and now we're into spring. Thankfully, the 100-degree summer days haven't hit yet, but one suspects they aren't too far away.


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                In San Luis Obispo it is 75-78 F all the time. The ocean is a little warmer now and the waves are blown out. My tan is about average.


                Watch out!!!


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                  Originally posted by B4Bronco16
                  Thanks for elaborating.
                  I try.

         the summer it usually gets in the hundreds 4 out of 7 days a week.


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                    It still feels like winter here.

                    Rain and mid-50's but what do you expect for the pacific northwest...?

                    Last week we had a couple of 90 degree days and broke some records. that's pretty rare. Right now we're right on pace for a typical May. I hope the weather clears up soon though.


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                      High 80's to low 90's here with high humidity. The heat gives me a headache and makes me sick...

                      Besides, I dont tan. I burn, molt, and am pale again.

                      The only good thing about summer is it's one step closer to football season
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                        It's just starting to feel like summer today and yesterday, I think we may have hit 90, but it's just now getting humid, which is the trademark of these northeast summers.

                        I don't mind the hot weather, but I most certainly would prefer cold over hot.

                        I don't really tan much...i'm already kinda dark (italian), and I can never ever remember burning.

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                          Originally posted by B4Bronco16
                          Man oh man, I think I asked too soon for the sun.

                          Here in WI, it shot up from around 70 degrees a week ago, to 91 today.

                          I was outside giving my car a good wash, and did I ever get dark when I went in.

                          How hot is it in your area?

                          Do you enjoy hot weather?

                          One more question...

                          How well do you tan? Pretty easily or are you one of those "I can't tan" deals?
                          Its been really hot, yesterday it got up past 80, and its been 75-85 all week..I love the hot weather..But after a while I'm ready for the cold and snow of the winter..


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                            its hot in the las vegas desert

                            and yeah i like the hot but only when im at a beach or pool

                            and im from the middle east so i tan pretty well