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    i like the fresh fish company. not exactly sure where it is denver since i don't live there. but i ate there once. they have pretty good crab and shrimp. i like crab and shrimp. probably my favorite foods.
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      My Grandparent's have been to Elway's and they liked it!

      I have a few favorite places to eat, but theya ren't exactly in Denver...

      There's a place near my house in Arvada called Casa Blanca, its right across the street from Arvada West High's really good, authentic and pretty cheap.

      Hmm...the yummiest Chinese food in COLORADO is at a place called Hoong's Palace, its way out in centennial right off of Arapaho and Havana...yum.

      In Denver I know of a good place called Racine's it's on Speer, right by the Channel 7 studio.

      And like everyone has said Casa Bonita is exciting? LOL. I went there for a date once...its was weird. But if you have kids take them there, they'll like it.
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        If you're downtown...

        I noticed all these selections are for way out on the fringes of Denver. If you're staying in the downtown area and don't have a rented car here are some good suggestions:


        1. Buca De Beppo 15th and Larimer (or market I can't remember)

        While not the best food in the world, the portions are GIGANTIC. So if you've got a huge group and want to be economic, this is the place to go. Prepare to take home at least 2 meals in leftovers.


        2. Two Fisted Mario's (16th and Market)

        Best pizza place in the downtown area, don't be alarmed by the tattoo'd staff, their pizza and calzones are mind blowing. They're also open till 3am on weekends if you like to stay out drinking.


        1. Tamayo (15th and Larimer)

        Only go if you're prepared to unload a decent amount of cash. But holy god is the food good. It's like no other mexican I've ever had before, and I think many of their dishes are signature to the head chef. Best place to eat downtown, period.


        1. Dozens (13th and Cherokee)

        A great breakfast place, they use all organic/natural ingredients, and have some the best damn omelettes in town. Their Bloody Mary's are some of the best I've ever had too.

        Right across the street from Dozens is Pint's Pub which has good english bar food and also the largest selection of Scotch in the world, outside of Great Britain. I'm serious, they have several hundred kinds.


        1. Littile India (6th and Grant)

        A classic Indian place with a nice atmosphere and a wide selection of good dishes.


        1. Go to Little Saigon

        Little Saigon is a neighborhood on Federal and Alameda that is chock full of amazing viet restaurants and shops. Check out the supermarkets if you want an interesting experience.

        that's all! hope it helps.


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          Originally posted by Medford Bronco
          A second fav is Called Santarpios Pizza in East Boston MA. This place is a hole in the wall but serves phemonminal pizza and also had lamb tips and sausage grilled on BBQ to die for.

          Lord have mercy...

          You know my most favorite restaraunt of almost all time.

          How do you do it?

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            Originally posted by Archimedes Owl
            Steak House -- Yeah, well, this region is prime for cattle to munch on and so visiting a steak house makes tons of sense, but I'm not the person to tell you. I like to make my own steaks. I think I do them better anyway, so if you want to find a steak house, you'll have to ask some other Denverite. I've been to a couple and they were good, but it's been awhile and I don't remember they're names.

            Oh, and a word of wisdom, steak houses always offer potatos with their dishes. Baked or mashed or french fries or whatever. Anyway, ask if they offer sweet potatos (Unless you don't like them). They'll be made like the baked potato most likely, but they'll be better with just butter, a baked sweet potato is much better than a baked regular potato. Mashed potatos can also be good, so I guess it's up to you, but mmm... sweet potato.

            i dont live in denver but when i was in denver last year for a game i went to a steak house downtown called ruths criss (i think thats how you spell it) an believe me it was kinda pricy but more then worth it ill be back there again this year...


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              When I'm in the area (especially when I'm with an out-of-stater) I like to eat at Beau Jo's Pizza - Colorado Mountain & Prairie Pies. Interesting specialties like "Chicken Cordon Bleu" and "Beau Taco", but generally a very tasty experience no matter what you choose. 6 locations in the Denver area - from Ft. Collins to Idaho Springs. They usually have some good local brews on tap too.

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