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  • --- Punctuality ??? ---

    --- How important is it to you to be on time for dates, meetings, appointments, work etc.?

    --- Are you sometimes late ?

    --- Are you always on time for some things, and sometimes late for others ?

    --- Are you always late ?

    --- Or are you always on time ?

    --- Is being on time really that important ?

    --- A lot of folks have different views on this ---

    --- What's yours ?



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    I use Lombardi time, 15 moin early
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      I am never late.
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        I'm always way too early.

        Especially to work. I usually get there about a half hour early.


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          Family events, I always try and be Fashionably late But for Meetings, work, concerts, movies, dates etc. Its just great to be a tad early or right on time. Definitely says something about ones character.


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            I am not late.

            In any aspect.

            I detest it in others.

            It's rude to be late unless you have a really good reason.


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              I like to be on time. When I go to work, it is important to be on time. When I go to meetings I like to be a few minutes early.

              It is rare that I'm late, but when I am it bothers me.
              I think successful business people tend to appreciate being on time.

              Now when I view others, I don't care that they are early. I just care that they are on time.
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                its important to not be late...

                but i tend to be late to work...(cos i hate it and hope the deli catches fire.. like right now...)

                but if i care for it.. im not late... especially meeting ppl... cos i cant stand being rude to ppl...
                and family or group functions.. im the fashionably late guy... but everyone knows it... so they nor i expect me to be there on time...



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                  I hate always being late for stuff and it is mostly my dads fault because I prefer to be verrrry early
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                    My high school marketing teacher taught me that deca time is 15 minutes early.

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                      Anything work and business related, I'm early.

                      On the weekends.....don't count on my punctuality!!
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                        Im hispanic, therefore Im late.

                        If you take what I have to say seriously, then I'm embarrassed for you.


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                          I was taught its better to be a hour early (and wait somewhere close) then it is to be 5 minutes late.
                          The only good excuse is the one not given..


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                            --- I am very please how everyone has responded in this thread ---

                            --- I have a feeling that even Broncofan-13 was just kidding ---

                            --- I am always on time, and I even allow extra time like a lot of you have mentioned in case of unforseen circumstances ---

                            --- Of course, all of us that are considerate to others, are proud of it ---

                            --- That's why all of us posted here and said we are always on time ---

                            --- To leave someone waiting or blowing off an appointment is disrespectful, and a waste of other people's time ---

                            --- Some folks are habitually late and can care less !!!

                            --- In doing so, one puts one's self above all others ---

                            --- Good to see so many Broncomaniacs have such good ethics !!!



                            May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present
                            The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing
                            My Adopted Bronco is #95 Derek Wolfe


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                              I usually arrive at places 10-15 minutes early. I guess the military has really instilled that habit in me.