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What was your favourite childhood toy??

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    Matchbox and Hot wheels
    GI Joe and little green and tan army guys, tanks, jeeps, the works.
    Plastic models

    One of my favorite toys though was this aircraft carrier. The thing was about 3 feet long, which was huge to a little kid, and shot it's airplanes off the deck with a rubber band catapult system. You pulled em back till they locked into place, and hit a switch on the hull that sent them flying across the room.

    My dog didnt like it much, but I loved that thing!


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      Originally posted by anton1287
      what was it....?

      and im not counting nintendos and what have u...

      im talking real toys... somthing that todays kids dont seem to understand... trying to be mature at 8.. with mobiles and fashion... pffft....
      whats happening?!??!

      my fave used to the the TRANSFORMERS

      Beast Wars/Transformers.
      Go Huskers.