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Bad week for me. A story of my life at Broncomania

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  • Bad week for me. A story of my life at Broncomania

    Ok.... So a little backround. My current job is a management job that basically is the job that TWO managers used to do until one of them retired last July. I was asked if I'd like to take over her position as well as another at the same time. The positions offered to me were not up my alley at all. Not something I was overly comfortable with... but a year or so at this position would be great experience to further my other career goals... and it looks great on the resume.

    Obviously, I accepted the position. I learned it very well after about 3 months. After about 4 or 5 months, I was bored... but wanted to stick around at least until I'd been doing it for a year. I got complacent. And then my ex started a job at an 8-5 type job in CO. So I had company online all day. I started getting better at procrastinating at my job because I was more efficient at it. I could pretty much do the same amount in half the time. So I started wasting more and more time.

    A few months later, she quit that job... too stressful. I had this void in my day now. Then I rediscovered the Broncomania boards. I started to spend a lot of my day here now. (around Oct or Nov?) I got addicted and started posting more and more but was still getting my job done just fine. Then the Cafe 'opened' and I lost control... posting here nonstop.

    I started to slack a bit more and a bit more. I was getting my job done... but I was staying an hour late to do it... and coming in a bit longer than normal on saturdays. I wasn't reading all my mail (I get alot). Eventually, I was doing my work, but not all my filing. My office started to look horrible. I'm starting to get very stressed and losing sleep and possibly even having anxiety attacks.

    Other factors are at work... I'm starting to realize that not only am I making less than one of my predecessors and MUCH less than the two of them combined.. but I am the lowest paid manager in the company. I deal with that because I'm fairly sure I'm also the youngest full manager they've ever had. I know I'm young. But I start getting pretty malcontent when they start promoting people to supervisors in other departments... and suddenly THEY are making more than me when their commission is included. And they get paid for their overtime. I don't. I've never complained about that, because most of my overtime is my fault, as previously stated. There are managers making more than me that not many people really respect as managers or workers. One's never around... went on vacation and basically had KIDS doing her job just fine. They don't respect her.

    I feel underappreciated because of my versatility, I'm kind of expected to help out well outside of my job title... in my older positions, and even in positions I have no direct experience. I'm never really thanked (by the big boss anyway. My direct superior loves me)

    Two weeks ago, One of the managers goes on a two week vacation. His department falls apart and loses half his staff in a matter of days. So I'm here from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm some days... helping out... again... no request for special compensation. No thanks given.

    Last Thurs, my direct superior takes a vacation... he'll be back next monday. I'm answering his email and handling a few of his essential duties. I think it's fun. Eventually, I'd like to be in a position like his. It is a bit stressful though. Then one of the managers under him (my old department... where I'm best) has family issues. Probably will lose a child. She's gonna be gone all week... and probably next week. I'm EXPECTED... not even asked... to step in and run this other department. So I'm doing what was done by 5 different managers one year ago.

    In my current position, people have been trying to catch me when I'm busiest. I tell them that I don't need their paperwork right away and give them a better time to catch me to do that stuff. Then the big boss gets a letter explaining that I made a TINY mistake... mis**** of a button, really... but it's gonna cost us about $450. Not a huge fine, really... and since it was a first, it'll likely be waived. My superior knew about the mistake (from 2 months ago). He wasn't happy... but he didn't get pissed either.

    Those two reasons are the two I lost my job over.

    I don't feel wronged for being fired. I have lost control of myself and my work habits. I've been posting less here on broncomania... but picked up other internet habits that are just as bad if not more consuming mentally and emotionally. It's wrong that I got fired for these two things. It really is. The first was a product of me running 5 departments (still making less than any other manager and a few supervisors). The other, my supervisor was aware of and had already yelled at me for. Oh... and I was told once about 4 months to clean my office up more. That's the only warning I was given.

    Now... I have been offered management of my old department.... although we haven't spoken to the current manager about the situation. If this was a move by choice, I'd be thrilled. I've gotten what I wanted out of this job. I like the other department, and it'd be less stressful. But my ego's still bruised as I know that my boss and all my colleagues will view this as a demotion due to incompetence. I don't see it that way. I see it as being fired. Offered a seperate job. If I didn't want it, I'd be fired. So that's what this is. I asked to stay on this position long enough to clean up my filing... not wanting to leave this mess for someone else. They agree but they want it to happen right away, not over a few weeks.

    I'm torn apart last night. Went home to get wasted. Called someone close to me to tell them that I wouldn't be able to IM them today and that they probably wouldn't want to talk to me that night anyway, as I was going to get wasted. Didn't expect my friend to pick up. Ended up talking anyway. I wasn't wasted yet. They helped me through it a little.

    Today I come in and I'm busting my butt for the first half of the day. Sorting my old ignored mail. Got through seriously about a foot and a half of it. It was that bad. Then I had to train someone in my old department. Forced to make jokes and such with our customers as well as this employee to make them settle in. I'm in my element again and feeling better. I'm not as depressed. Pretty good mood, actually. Things will be ok, I know... but I'm still upset about the loss of respect from my boss and coworkers. I'm upset that I won't be able to post much here anymore. I'll miss this place alot, even though I'll still be dropping in. I really am ok with all of this right now. No telling how I'll feel when I stop to think about it later tonight. I don't know if I'd have survived if I hadn't gotten to talk to my friend last night though. I really don't.

    My supervisor doesn't know yet. He'll find out when he gets back from vacation. I don't want to be there for that conversation. He's gonna blow up. He's scary when he's pissed. I don't know what his reaction will be. I hope I don't have to be there when that discussion happens. My new position I will be more directly under him... be able to help him even more... make his job easier (assuming this goes through). He's gonna be upset about how I'm being treated.

    Oh... and I couldn't bring myself to call my mother to wish her a happy birthday. I feel horrible for it... but I couldn't do it. Nobody in my family knows yet.

    Anyway... I wanted to share and explain why my life here is gonna kinda come to a stop... I'll be around a bit... but it won't be the same... and I needed to vent. So there you go. I'd feel better having just typed all this... might as well post it though. Sorry it was so long. Thanks for suffering through it if you did.
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    Trych.....Best of luck wherever you go. You'll get through it.

    I look forward to reading your posts when you'll be back.




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      I have been in your position before. My first management job was dumped in my lap with three days notice. Meaning I had to learn how to run a warehouse for a world wide corporation in 3 days. In fact at the time it was the second largest oilfield service company in the world. And, didnt get a pay raise for it. Mistakes happen LT. Nobody is perfect. Blowing off steam is best. Beats trying to drown your problems in booze. Your friends can and will make you fell better. Keep your head up LT. Brighter days are just over the horizon.
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        trych, man, i hope everything is well with you-- obviously, you've got a lot on your mind right now. . . . sorry about the BS with the job, we've all been there in one way or another-- i know i'm sure familiar with the feeling of doing the work of multiple individuals, and not being appreciated for it. . . . hey, screw 'em if they can't take a joke! you know your own worth. . . .

        it's bummin' me out to hear that you won't be around as much, but clearly you need to take care of your life first, and as much fun as this place is, you gotta have your priorities straight. . . . do what you need to do, and you know we'll be here, whether you wanna talk broncos or just talk, period. . . .

        you know we'll miss you if you're not around, but don't worry-- i won't let whodey move into your office in the cafe! you'll always have a home on broncomania. . . . we'll defend the name of this imperious team while you get your s__t straight. . . good luck with the new position, and don't take too much crap! check back in whenever you can and let us know how things are going. . . . i'm sure you'll come through the BS fine!

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        rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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          dont worry about things here, your wingman and sidekick will keep things going strong.

          If i were you i would keep my eye on other opportunities out there. Maybe somewhere where you would be appreciated....just something to keep in mind. I hate to see friends work their tail off only to be treated like ****. Im glad you helps in situations like this. Keep your head up buddy, your better than most of the people that works at that place and obviously more skilled...
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            I LOOOOOVE YOU LT....

            u r one of the few that make this board what it is... and if u r half as funny, smart and good looking as u claim to be on this forum... you will be fine...

            i really wish, from the bottom of my heart that u could return here... cos u make those dreadfull days that somtimes creep up.... seem like they never were...

            and respect is clearly a big thing for u... so i hope u get it back.... in one way or another.. to make ur life better again...

            all the best...



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              You've got a pm LT.
              Ready for the friggen season already!


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                Man, LT, that's a sucky situation. I hope things work out. And we'll miss having you post so much.

                Good luck with everything...
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                  Check your PM's.
                  HEAR ME ROAR!
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                    First, I know you are a very intelligent young man. You'll find a great way to come out of this for the better.

                    Second, don't worry about this place. It will still be here when you are able to post. You'll be missed of course but your livelihood comes first and foremost.

                    Third, it is good that you post this. Many can learn from your situation. Whether it is work or home life.

                    Fourth, you are my bud and have been for some time. Know that you have me and others in your corner. I believe in prayer so I'll pray that your situation gets better.
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                      LT you already know you are in my prayers also. You need anything you know how to find me. If you dont you know someone who does.
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                        LT, I wish you the best with your new postion. You are one of the Main reasons why I have stayed here so long and enjoyed myself so much. You are a class and I and I wish you all the best with this new position.

                        I know it will work out for you. You deserve everything you get. You will be missed and we still hope you drop in to say hello to us. etc

                        Thanks for being a good friend and you know how to reach me if you ever want to. and God Bless and Good Luck Always.
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                          LT...Sorry you have been put through all this. I know what it feels like to be unappreciated at work...but I know this isnt what you need to hear.

                          Good Luck with whatever you do in your career.I have enjoyed posting with you
                          the last couple of weeks.You will be missed.

                          Hang in there and remember there are alot of us here that will be thinking about you and wishing you the best.

                          Hopefully it won't be long and you'll be posting with us again soon.
                          Tony G

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                            Unappreciative bastards.

                            That sucks for you LT.

                            You will be missed.

                            Who's gonna give me my sproke now in the Cafe!?

                            Damn LT, you were such a good buddy of mine.

                            You will do well in everything you do, I know it. Good luck.

                            I wish you the best and be sure not to forget us.

                            *Draws Lightsaber to Hail*

                            *Bows in respect*


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                              Here to better days ahead LT, wherever they may lead you.
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