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--- Chainsaw Rampage ---

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    A man wielding a cordless power saw in each hand rampaged through a Manhattan subway station early Thursday, using one of the buzzing blades to carve into the chest of a postal worker who later said it felt like "he was trying to cut through me."
    no way

    makes me happy that i live in a town above ground.


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      Originally posted by The Dark Knight
      Well, at least my threads are my life and not posted from USA Today.

      USA Today can't buy the rights away from the National Enquirer or else maybe they would be posted there.....welll....maybe not.


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        Wow, yeah, that's pretty crazy.

        Any word on how the victims are doing now??
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          Originally posted by AZ Snake Fan
          --- A man ran through a Manhattan subway station with a chainsaw in each hand ---

          --- He cut into the chest of a postal worker !

          --- Be careful when riding those NYC subways, you never know what to expect ---

          --- Two weeks earlier, a Boston man stabbed four people, three of them tourists, over a 13-hour period in the subway and the theater district in Manhattan ---



          Ironically it's usually the other way around......

          In all seriousness, please be careful when using public transportation.
          It's a good rule of thumb to always be aware of the people around you and your surroundings.

          Despite higher gas prices, this is one of the reasons I choose not to take public transportation. I value my life too much...