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  • This Is Dry...

    so eating dinner for the first time in like 2 weeks with my parents...

    i must say...

    it was horribly dry...

    and as my relationship with them in sowly on the mend after some things that sorta created a little bit of tension...

    i couldnt say that it was...

    and i ate it all...

    even though it took me 1.5L of water to get it down...

    so since this is a thread...

    ill list some dry things...

    toilet paper
    alarm clock
    overcooked beef and chicken


    but i was wondering...

    how often do people really lie about food...

    when it clearly sucks...

    when is it ok to say that it is....


    i know if i cook something ill be judgemantal and dont mind if others give criticism...

    even though cos i rate my cooking and so do many others... (i was a chef for just over 2 years...)
    there does not tend to many complaints with mine...

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    Well, it's all about appeasing egos and making people feel better. People don't want to be cruel about someone and want to encourage them and all.

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      Let em have it!

      If the food sucks - say it. Don't be held back by restraints!

      Heck, a few weeks ago we had a meal that was a bit undercooked. In fact - the chicken was cold in the middle. I still ate it anyway, heck even the potatoes were cold! After dinner I told my father (I think mom undercooked it, everything was cold). Then the next day I heard my mother tell my father - "That food you cooked last night wasn't quite done"

      Here I thought my mother made it - but my dad did. But even he admitted it wasn't as good as he had hoped.
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        I would say tell them nicely so they can improve on it. "Constructive critisism"


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          Hmmmm idk my parents always cooked good food probably because they own a resturaunt.