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    Originally posted by alwilson91
    Whenever I threw a temper tantrum my parents used to dump a bucket of boiling water on me later that night, sometimes it would be ice cold as well. Also, whenever I swore my dad would punch me in the face as hard as he could, it's made me a better person today...
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      pish, a glass of water? soft!

      My mum only ever spanked me 5 times in my life, and each time I totally deserved it!

      However, the worst punishment she ever gave me was this: At a One Day Event(horse riding), I threw a very loud and obnoxious tantrum. Mum took me into the horse float, had a few harsh words up very close, and then holding me by the back of my shirt, marched me around all the parents at the event, and made me apologise to everyone for my behaviour!

      Now that is parenting.

      Whilst there are people who do abuse their children, there needs to be less rules for parents, so that children can be discplined more effectively these days. Kids these days are so fricking rude!
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        Originally posted by Krugan
        Negative enforcement is not a good thing. Throwing a glass of water inst a proper way to deal with your child, maybe your cat, on the back of the couch.

        I disagree, if the child learns that throwing a tantrum isnt producing its wants, it becomes useless. In theory.

        I don't know I had negative renforcement and I am turning out just fine. I mean for crying out loud if it was so bad why wasn't the previous generation so screwed up? To be honest they had better manners than this generation. I get so sick of these people who let their kids run wild.

        When I finally have kids here is how it is going to be. "I love you a lot, but you are going to recieve punishment equal to the deed."
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          if a kid screws up, all you have to do is kick him in the nuts and believe me, he'll stop.


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            Yoy know, I am all for discipline, and I have no objections to spanking, but this seems a little weird.

            He may associate water with punishment later in life.

            Maybe not.

            Also, more than likely, it doesn't stop future tantrums, because the water is still a form of attention. Negative attention at that.

            Ignoring it (unless they are slamming their head into a wall or floor) is a better tool to teach them that such behavior is not acceptable. My two year old goes for about two minutes before she realizes that I am not going to respond. Then she comes and TELLS me whats wrong as best she can, and I respond with kindness or firmness, depending on what is frustrtating her.

            So, I guess, whatever.

            But the question isn't what I think, it's what someone in his state and the state may think if he ever gets reported.

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              I do think its a form of abuse. Something that seems so simple could seriously damage this child later on. While i know its only water, i would think a human could only take so many years of having water thrown in their face. Hopefully he doesnt decide to extract revenge when hes older and throw gasoline in his parents faces....and then light a match. I guess it really isnt that bad of a punishment, compared to just straight up beating the kid.....and im sure it does get the childs attention...whatever works i suppose.
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                Dont think its too bad. It might be enough of a shock to get him to stop for a moment, and let the parent talk to him.

                not send thier kids to their rooms where they ahve computers and xboxes and crap...
                Exactly, just doesnt work.

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