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What was your worst break up?

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    Originally posted by topscribe
    I guess it was when I filed a divorce against me after I beat me up.


    thats deep...

    and i was thinking...

    is that before or after they invented paper???



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      It hasn't happened yet, but the most painful one for me will be the relationship I'm in now. I'm dating this wonderful girl who I get along really great with.
      I really thought I loved my past girlfriends, but this one brings me to a whole new high and really taught me what the feeling is. Her and I always have great nights of just looking into each others eyes and laughing and cuddling and stuff, which is really awesome.

      I took her to go see Miami Vice on Monday night, and on the way home, she told me that she's moving to Greece sometime in the near future. That just crushed me to know that it may possibly end way before it should. It kind of feels like I already went through the whole breakup process. It took me a little bit to come to terms with the fact that she's moving halfway across the world.
      I'm officially eating crow. I support McDaniels.

      Wishing for Jared Odrick in 2009.