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What was your worst break up?

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  • xX-Bronco-Xx
    We were on AIM the girl was like, "We're cool and all but I don't think being BF and GF will work" and I was like, "Ok thats cool."

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  • The Dark Knight
    started a topic What was your worst break up?

    What was your worst break up?

    My worst breakup was my high school sweetheart.

    We moved in together and got engaged.

    Then she started to get cold feet or whatever so she moved out and moved in with a "friend" she worked with.

    Ha, I actually stupid enough to assume the friend was female.

    Anyway, I begged for her to come back and she said she would.

    But then, a couple days later, she called back and said she was pregnant with some dudes kid.

    Well, let's just say that I didn't take it so well. I didn't get violent or anything. I was just depressed for 2-3 years.

    Anyway, what was your worst breakup?