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    its a fact that the average times a week per healthy relationships is actually three times a week so more then that would be above norms and three would be where most relationships are at no matter what age you at unless your like 50 or sixty then it drops alot to like 3 times a month i think


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      Originally posted by Kapaibro
      I have almost always dated/slept with younger guys, and I'm pretty happy with that.

      Enthusiasm makes up for inexperience in most cases.
      Like being the teacher rather than the student.....

      Actually though, sex does play a huge part in any relationship but it should not be the basis of it. My wife and I work opposite shifts and have a 3 year old daughter so we often have to plan it out, literally like on a calendar.


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        Well, thank you all for your input. I didn't really get too much out of it but every little bit helps.

        I talked to her a little bit more last night after I cooled down, and she said that (what I mentioned a couple posts ago) might have something to do with her lack of wanting sex...she's not really sure. Either way it's not something that will be the end of us. It's just a matter of me accepting it, and her making an attempt to initiate it more.

        I was just pissed off when she told me because it shouldn't matter what I was like before her. I have given 110% since we've met, and will continue to do so. She's done things in the past that I don't approve of, but I don't hold them against her. I also didn't understand why, if it bothered her that much, she never brought it to my attention before. I saw it as, "I'll wait until I know I have him on lock, then let him know that I'll never be too into sex because he slept around a lot before me."

        Hopefully things will improve and no more problems arise from it.
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