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--- Penguins Vacation in Rio !!! ---

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  • --- Penguins Vacation in Rio !!! ---

    --- Brazil is staging a military operation to return 50 penguins back to their icy habitat of the Antarctic.

    --- Every year in the summer, young penguins a dragged to the warm waters of Rio by strong ocean currents.

    --- Brazil began penguin airlifts in 2000, returning as many as 100 a year to their natural habitat.

    --- Bravo Brazil !!!




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    No wonder they were so distracted during the world cup.

    They had alot on their mind with the little penguins and everything.

    Hopefully they won't use that as an excuse next time.


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      Being as its the Brazillians its cool,
      Had this been the Argentines I would have seriously questioned if it were an attempt to re-take the Falkands again
      Az, I love your sig pic.
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        Those penguins will continue to come to Rio every year. They know they'll have a free ride back.
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