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Just had a nightmare about the Broncos-Chiefs rematch

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  • Just had a nightmare about the Broncos-Chiefs rematch

    I seriously just woke up from a nightmare about the next Broncos-Chiefs game. The major flaw was that I was watching the game on tape but I know there's NO WAY I'll miss watching it live.

    Anyway, the details are rapidly fading from my mind but here's what I remember. The Chiefs get the ball first. Dante returns the ball to around the Chiefs' 27 yardline. 1st down goes bad for the Chiefs and the crowd is going nuts. On 2nd down, the center snaps the ball but there's confusion and most of the O-line doesn't move immediately, Green gives the ball to Priest because it was a designed running play. Almost everybody has slowed down because it appears to be a false start caused by the crowd noise but Holmes has kind of jogged with the ball into the secondary before it dawns on somebody that the refs haven't blown the whistle. A cornerback makes a half-hearted attempt to tackle Holmes but Priest kicks it into high gear. They finally catch up to him around Denver's 7 yardline. The refs huddle then claim it was a legal snap and KC gets a TD in the next couple of plays.

    Now, in my frustration, I apparently fast forward to the end of the game because I don't want to watch the whole thing if it's going to go like that. I resume viewing and find out that the Broncos had given up a 29-22 lead (I don't know how they got to that point) and the game's tied at 29 in the closing moments. Denver is out of time-outs and has just turned the ball over in their own territory, with KC in field goal range; the turnover is reviewed and upheld despite looking on the network's replays like a bad call.

    Vermeil calls some kind of trick play while everyone is expecting a run to set up a last second kick attempt. It busts out for a TD. Squib kick. McCaffrey catches a deep pass in KC territory but is tackled (vicious blow, as always ) inbounds and the clock expires while Denver is trying to get to the line to spike the ball.

    Final score: Chiefs 36 - Broncos 29

    I woke screaming (just kidding) and decided to post my dream for therapeutic reasons. Now I just hope that I'm not psychic. It was an awfully clear dream. I keep looking for logic flaws to reassure myself it can't be real but I haven't spotted any yet. It seemed like a night game, and I thought that was a flaw, but then I realized that it probably will be dark at the end of a long, late afternoon game and the lights will be on.

    What a nightmare!

    (I apologize if this post rambles a bit...I'm still half-asleep while typing this)
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    Hey, don't worry it shouldn't happen. I had a bad dream that England lost to France 45-30 in the semi finals of the rugby world cup, but we just won 24-7. Now we get to play australia in the final (GO ENGLAND)

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      Thanks for sharing that with us Javalon.....gee do I feel better...NOT.... I hope it was theraputic for you.
      GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!


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        Javalon - well, i hope that DOESN'T happen...but if for some crazy reason it does, will you please start dreaming about lottery results? Think LOTTO LOTTO LOTTO before drifting off....
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          I don't see that as a nightmare. I hope you're right. LOL.
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