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    Originally posted by Emancipator
    You did well in your role as moderator.
    It was only a month of demotion. Now you've been restored back to your Living Legend status as Madam Pirate Nibbler.
    E, you make me laugh buddy.....

    Jaws, I know you have made the best possible decision for yourself and I respect
    you for it...welcome back to la la land...... :clap:


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      Thank you everyone. I appreciate your support very much.

      In fact, to declare my gratitude I am announcing that I won't be eating anymore Broncomaniacs ever....

      well, not in the next month at least

      You didn't think I'd be that good did you!!!! :devil:


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        all that matters is that you stay



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          Where'd she go?

          I don't see her on the Members List.
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            That's a good question. I hadn't realized that she was off of the members list.

            I can only speculated, but she did mention that she was spending too much time on the computer. If this was so and she wanted a break, she could have asked to be temporarily banned simply so that she wouldn't feel compelled to come here, but I can only speculate, because I don't know.

            Last I saw was when I just got my internet turned back on and she PM'd me to let me know that she wasn't a mod anymore.

            I expect her to probably return when she's ready.

            *Thinks back to old mod correspondence emails.*

            I don't remember any that mentioned anything, but that she was not going to be a mod, so I only know as much as the rest of you.
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              She's still here and she's still a member, just on a break.


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                GRATS Jaws,I like it better when you are just one of the guys,LOL..


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                  Originally posted by Booker T
                  She's still here and she's still a member, just on a break.
                  Break is good.
                  Tell her to take care of herself.

                  I took an unexpected break because I was burned out of the computer/tv/electronics.
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                    Originally posted by The Dark Knight
                    Where'd she go?

                    I don't see her on the Members List.

                    --- She has been feeding as usual ---

                    --- This is where JAWS went for a meal ---



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