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    Originally posted by In-com-plete
    So I got back this afternoon and the weekend was all I thought it'd be. The tour of Invesco was killer. The Coors Brewing Factory tour was great. The golf courses...were in excellent shape. I didn't play well at either course, but Saturdays round at Vista Ridge was not really fun at all. The wind was insane. I think it was blowing like 60-80 mph. My dad and I quit after 9 holes because we were just to frustrated and cold to continue. But the other course we played yesterday was excellent. That round took 5 and a half hours and our tee time got pushed back an hour because of a frost delay so we didn't get to go to the Rockies/Giants game.

    Anyway, the game was by far the best time of the weekend. Even though we struggled it was still a blast. I got Ed McCaffreys autograph before the game. He signed my hat because I didn't have anything else. I think my dad was actually more excited about that than I was. He must have told 10 people on our way to our seats and damn near everyone in a 5 seat radius of us.

    Here's a picture of us as we're standing in line for the autograph.
    So you're the guy on the right?

    Glad you had fun.


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