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Have a wonderful day.

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  • Have a wonderful day.

    As you can see by the time stamp I am up pretty late. I was up late putting some final touches on a sermon. It has occured to me recently I come to these boards sometimes for a quick pick me up. Some of you may read this just after I post it but some may read this in the morning.

    I just wanted to take a minute and let you all know I was thinking about you and I wanted to tell you to have a wonderful day.

    THATS IT NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Have a wonderful day. Even though I have not met you in person I feel several of you have become a friend of mine. Have a wonderful day.
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    you too rev.
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      Thanks rev, you too have a good day.


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        Thanks Rev - Hope you are having a wonderful day also.

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          Thank you Rev.

          It has been a wonderful day.

          Thank you. Hope you had a wonderful and blessed day as I have.
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            Had to resurrect this thread. Hope you enjoy.

            I think its time it gets moved to the Orange Colored Glasses section though.
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              Hope everyone has a great day, GOD bless.

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