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    What get's me is what some parents let their kids watch. I have a friend, and he's one of the best friends I have, but the other night after watching the Husker game, his 5 year old kid wanted to watch, the crap that is in Saw is almost too much for me to handle, and the movie is rated R, so I had to sit there and scratch my head wondering why in the hell he would ever let his kid watch that kind of stuff.

    I guess I don't get the fascination with movies like Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc., they're not scary...their only purpose is to pack as much gory carnage as is possible into about 1.5 hours of viewing. Isn't 'art' (a term used loosely in this instance) supposed to imitate life? Maybe I'm not reading enough news, but if there was a guy with a robotic clown forcing people to murder others at the risk of getting their jaw ripped off...I'm pretty dang sure we'd know about it.

    Obviously there's a lot of sick crap going on in the world, I'm not going to blame it on movies or video games or music. People gravitate towards the things that interest them, so if death interests a person, they will gravitate towards things that involve death...their problem comes not from those things they take interest in, their problem is already deep seated.

    The world's problems scare me, but not enough to deprive myself and my wife of children. It's scary out there, and you can't always be there for them, so you do what you can to prepare them for the real world, and then you let them go. About the only thing you can do is try to raise them in a place that is away from the world's ills...of course you can't escape them completely, but you can at least put some distance between them and you.


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      Originally posted by WhoDeyBengals

      i find this thread a bit sinical but this is good in a sence, it gives us a chance to look at how sick our world has become and just how crazy things have gotten. howd it all happen,all i ever read or hear in the new is school shootings, masicers, parents killing children, or more sencless violence, people really need to find better ways to channel thier anger and for that matter all emotions. for f***s sake i dont even bother reading the paper anymore cause i know wuts in it already, shootings, fights, domestic violence and all that stuff.


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        Originally posted by WhoDeyBengals
        Dont forget North Korea conducting a nuclear test.

        Sometimes I can only take solace in mine own family, whose own problems are serious in their own rights but at least my kids have a warm bed, food, and parents who love them dearly.
        Rest in Peace, Darrent and Damien. You will be forever in our thoughts