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Would your rather face a Vampire epidemic or a Zombie holocaust?

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  • Would your rather face a Vampire epidemic or a Zombie holocaust?

    Ok, with holloween tomorrow this is the perfect survival-horror scenario to discuss. This is an either-or question. Would your rather go up against:

    1. A Vampire Epidemic.

    2. A Zombie Holocaust

    Before you vote let me explain the advantages, and disadvantages or each scenario.

    Advantages of facing a vampire epidemic:
    1. Vampires create other vampires very slowly in relation to Zombies (one vampire creates another vampire in a week, and up to a month).
    2. There are supernatural defenses against vampires that keep them away - crosses, holy water, garlic, etc.
    3. The greatest advantage you have over vampires is that they sleep during the day, and can be easily disposed of then.

    Disadvantages of facing a vampire epidemic:
    1. Vampires are VERY smart and clever.
    2. They can transform into bats, and wolves.
    3. They have superhuman strength, and some magical powers (depending on the age and experience of the vampire)
    4. They are hard to kill. Either a stake through the heart (harder than it looks) or fire can kill a vampire.
    5. They live forever!

    Advantages of facing a zombie holocaust:
    1. Zombies are slow.
    2. They cannot use weapons
    3. Unlike vampires, they do not have superhuman strength, or magical powers.
    4. It is unknown whether zombies live forever, or until they cannot find any food.
    5. Easier to kill than vampires.
    6. Like Raider fans, they are stupid, and only have one thing on their minds - Brains!!!!

    Disadvantages of facing a zombie holocaust.
    1. They can reproduce very quickly (a person becomes a zombie, minutes after being bitten, a zombie can bite more than one victim at a time.)
    2. Sheer numbers are overwhelming.
    3. No supernatural objects will protect you.
    4. Unlike vampires, they have no rest period during the day, they relentlessly persue you until you are theirs.

    So vote up, anything I missed feel free to tell me and I will add.
    Vampire epidemic
    Zombie Holocaust

  • #2
    Vampire.....If I have to be one or the other i'd choose vampire.....

    Chicks dig vampires....And Pirates!


    • #3

      zombies scare the crap out of me
      i love zombie movies like dawn of the dead and land of the dead and resident evil and if i was in one of those movies id probably crap my pants


      maybe id chose zombies since their easier to kill and maybe our military can kill them with tanks just crushing zombies every where


      hard choice really


      • #4
        Vampire. That way if I lost, I would just become one.

        Technically I would with a zombie too, but that would be boring.

        at least if I was a vampire I could fly around doing bad Dracula impressions.


        • #5
          Vampires can only come out at night,so if i had to choose,which i hesitate to would be them...

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          Oh! this one time i saw a blimp!


          • #6
            Vampire... because girlies can't resist to Vampire's charms...
            Do I have to say that I'm already a vampire....?
            But I don't BITE... I just give BISOUS ( )...

            ps : Sneakie... I guess you already knew my answer
            Just talk slowly please... I'm French

            GO BRONCOS

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            (thousands of bisous for Thundergirl, une fille du tonnerre !!!)

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            • #7
              I'd go with vamps, and ask to be turned right from the get go so I could be a vamp too.

              Who wants to deal with smelly zombies?
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              • #8
                Originally posted by Kapaibro
                Who wants to deal with smelly zombies?
                I could deal with zombies if they look like Mariah Sharapova I guess... ... smelling or not...

                ps : Thanks to all my allergies, I can't smell...

                Just talk slowly please... I'm French

                GO BRONCOS

                (Sig made by Snk16)

                (thousands of bisous for Thundergirl, une fille du tonnerre !!!)

                My adoptee-a-fan are THE GIRLIES :kiss:


                • #9
                  If I was facing zombies they would be biting, ripping, and eating flesh from my body very slowly.

                  But if I was a vampire they would what? Suck my blood?

                  Yeah vampire for me


                  • #10
                    HA only one voted zombie wasnt me lol. I can't go trick or treat'n I have football till 8:30 well have fun guys!


                    • #11
                      vampire cos flying is cool, the chicks dig the flying and so do i...

                      so everyone would love me even more...

                      and they are good odds...



                      • #12
                        Why so few choices Sneakers?

                        Let's see....Vampire epidemic.

                        Main reason: I don't want to see zombies walking around with parts
                        of their bodies decaying or peeling off. So to me, this is a no
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                        • #13
                          I would want whichever one let me live. I see zombies beeing easier to get away from than Vampires, so I would probably have to go that route.


                          • #14
                            Are we talking 28 Days Later Zombies or Resident Evil Zombies?

                            Because you can just bunker up somewhere for a month and the zombies would die on their own if it's the 28 Days version.

                            Zombies have a weakness to fire as well.
                            Vampires can also take the form of mist.
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                            • #15
                              The number of different vampire and zombie myths out there make this a tough question to answer, but I'm going to go with Vampire epidemic.

                              Without exception, zombies exist to just make new zombies. They're relentless, resilient, and immune to pain. They own all, and make the world a lot less fun.

                              As far as vampires go, I'm rooting for the kind of vampires that treat us like cattle, and don't just drain people dry when they attack. If they're the kind of vampires that just take a little blood and move on, then excellent, I can deal with that. Besides, they're intelligent, which means that they'd be a lot more civil, and they'd probably have a vested interest in keeping some semblance of society in place. Oh, and did I mention I like the idea of becoming a vampire infinitely more than the idea of becoming a zombie?
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