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Just when you think there is no good left in the world....

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  • Just when you think there is no good left in the world....

    I come home from work & on my front step is a huge plastic tub & taped to the top a very cute Halloween poem, along with a note that says how they feel bad that our decorations were stolen & how their family loves seeing our display every year. And hoped we would accept these gifts & that we didn't stop decorating.

    And I open the bin to find all kinds of brand new decorations. The note is unsigned & I can think of a few neighbors that might be in on it.

    Either way it was so sweet. Now I think I will get my butt outside & put up all my new decorations & maybe some of my old.

    Well Happy Halloween Everyone.

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    Well that just brings a tear to my eye.
    For as much as there is bad, there is good. :thumb:

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      First, that is truly heart warming, M7.

      It also gives me an idea.... uh-oh!

      Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

      Maybe you could set up having your decor stolen next year too!

      I'm awful, bad...bad...bad!

      Nice story M7.
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        sounds like you have some good neighbors......
        Tony G

        The Chefs


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          Its nice to know that the world has gone completely down the crapper just yet

          Dont let the bad ones keep you down M7 - I hope you decide to decorate again - u obviously have made an impact in your neighborhood -

          Hopefully someone will find the lil basturds who took your stuff and :hammer:


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            Wow that is a good thing to hear.
            Take some pics for us and have fun.


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              It's a good feeling to know that neighbors care and appreciate what you do. everyone should stop and think about that and go do something kind and generous for one of your neighbors. I know I will, Like they say, pay it forward not back.
              Afterall, wouldn't it be nice to be close enough with them that you would know they were keeping an eye on your place and you on theirs?
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                I wish my neighbors were that nice..

                They are all just a bunch of rich snobby people.