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This Is Too Cute!!!

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  • This Is Too Cute!!!

    Thanks to Bronco4Life and Medford Bronco for signature

    Rest in Peace - Darrent (27) and Damien (29

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    Damn funny I love cats My wife is struggling for breath as we speak
    Rest in Peace, Darrent and Damien. You will be forever in our thoughts


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      It's cute but, they should teach him water conservation.

      There are two kinds of teams in the AFCW; The losers and the Broncos!!!

      I Support our Troops!
      How do you expect me to have a RED WHITE and BLUE sig when the background is obnoxious white?


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        I had my whole family in here watching
        that video Denver....very smart cat!
        What a water bill they must have!
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        John Stuart Mill (Look him up )


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          That is if we could teach them to use it....
          Tony G

          The Chefs


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            That's a smart cat, but if he continues to flush that toilet they are going to have a high water bill.
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              Very cute I think hes trying to figure out were it goes.
              Thanks Blondie for the Sig


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                I love Kitty Cats, too bad work blocks us from viewing youtube.


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                  My cat did it first.
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                  Long live the Broncos
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                  Thanks Reid!
                  My adopt-a-bronco!!! I used to be very proud now that has all changed. Now I am perfect!
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                    Plus, you've got another guy around the house to leave the seat up.

                    He can't lift the seat, Greg. He lacks the strength and the opposable thumbs.

                    Ah, right. Opposable-- I didn't think about that.