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    By the time that story was over, I was nearly throwing up. My gut hurt so bad. My God, why can't people realize what a beautiful preciious thing that life is? And there is NOTHING more precious than a woman carrying a child! Justt the fact that Gods most beautiful creation has the ability to carry and nurture a child, protecting it until it can sustain life on it's own. How could anybody intentionally try to harm that?

    OK, time to simmer down a little. Starting to get a little irate just thinking about it :hammer:
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      That is a sad thing to hear about, somehow it doesn't suprize me though.
      My policy online is, I don't give anything more than the city I live in, no pictures of me or my family, only of my pet kitty cat, and that's making sure no identifiable information is in the picture.
      Call me paranoid or whatever, I don't care.
      Never give anything out over the phone or in an email, SSN, CC, name or b'day.
      Don't even tell someone on the phone or email my address.
      I have a PO box I use instead of my street address, that works for most things.
      I don't expect people to give me information and I don't ask, the simple asking for my personal information makes me suspicious.

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