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    Originally posted by BlueDamsel
    LOL Jovi, you in any of these pics?
    No I'm not, I do know the one with long hair and big eyes was a cheer leader, I think she had a twin. Also a cheerleader, but the two of them really nice, not the stuck-up type.( Dont' recall right off who the male cheerleader with the big chest isLOL......but I remember, that was also the year of STREAKERS!! during assemblies. Well I gotta run, someone else needs the computer BTW my Maided name was Emerson
    I was in the drama club("Guys and Gals" LOL seemes every school does that play) also in the pep club.
    Thanks again.


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      Originally posted by BlueDamsel
      A key in an electric socket thing???!! Geesh...That's even stupider than me trying to plug in a humidifier just after I had put my hand in the water...
      Hey, don't be mean. I was actually a smart kid but I was in the 7th grade so I didn't have common sense. There's a difference.
      "You can't take the sky from me..."
      "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding"


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        LOL So was I...I was only 5 & the humidifier was making too much noise, so I unplugged it to plug in my record player...LOL...Then I realized that wasn't working to keep my nose clear/breathing going, so I went & made sure there was water in the humidifier still by sticking my hand in it, then picking up the plug & trying to plug it in...I still quiver at the thought of that shock!

        Me? Mean? I don't do mean!


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          OK, so my dingleberry story goes like this.....

          my hs marching band did the 'after game' show of a CSU game,and we all stayed at the Holiday Inn, if memory serves....
          Anyhoo, a bunch of us decided to go swimming. While at the pool, I caught the eye of my 'hotty' that I had the hots for and decided I'd show off.....on the diving board.
          So there I am, bouncing up and down, getting my timing ready for my perfect '10' dive and I dove.
          Well, I'm not exactly sure how my entry was, but after my entry, my trunks started going in the opposite direction of the rest of my body. I guess I reached back to catch them, because the only part of me to stop my descent......was my head. *BOINK*

          That was the 1st incident (of many) involving my having surgery....
          "It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
          tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of

          -- Samuel Adams

          sigpicJacks RULE!!!!!!


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            RC you're a goon.

            I don't have any bad nudie stories (sorry fellas )...Let's see, I do have one clothes-related.

            I had this daffy duck outfit my mom had made for me, it had daffy duck shorts & an orange t-shirt with daffy on it. I would usually wear black shoes with that, but I realized that wearing black shoes when on pavement for long periods of time in the middle of the summer was not a very smart thing to do...We had mini-camps every wednesday through the month of june for marching skill brush up/learning. When I was a sophomore is when I transferred to my hs that I ended up graduating from, so even though I was a soph, I had to attend the freshman marching practices...I was wearing my orange out fit & some white canvas shoes so that my feet wouldn't burn off. Our color guard guy was teaching us all how to jazz run & he decided he liked my "skill"...but didn't bother to learn anyone's names...So he started referring to me as "Creamsicle"...*sigh*. Luckily I was able to lose the nickname when he got "fired"/quit and ran off with the money, the rest of the show plan, and some of the girls' jewelry/watches/etc....