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How many people put up their tree this weekend?

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    A few days before Christmas is when ours is likely to go up.

    In the meantime I have the house over the road to get me all festive. With 25,000 bulbs or so he's been busy for a couple of months putting them all up. From the 1st they will be on permanently. I get to enjoy the lights without having to pay the electricity bill, which costs him in excess of 15 bucks a day
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      Both my parent's grew up with the Catholic tradition of the tree being put up on Christmas eve (after all the kids go to bed) and then taken down after Jan 6th.

      I can't do that though....I'm not as tough as those old-timers! They also used to make all their food, put candles on the tree, and bring out the gifts they had all after the children's bedtimes. Can you imagine the exhaustion on Christmas Day for them? Don't forget...they had mass in their too, even way back when. I love the stories though.

      However, my tree will probably go up in the next 7-10 days, depending on if I can get my livingroom finished painted by that time (it's in great need of paint).

      We put up our outdoor lights this past weekend though, not as much as in the past years, but wanted to get my husband on the roof while the weather was warm and no ice or snow to add to the suspense of it!

      The weather will change dramatically mid week here in Nebraska, and then we will see if that change I always pray for a white Christmas, even a couple of inches. Makes the world seem all that more peaceful, especially Christmas eve.
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