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This is actually a Sport??? Are you kidding me????????

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    Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16
    well if nascar and hop scotch are concidered a sport i guess this can too
    This is a million times more entertaining too.

    One of the few events I watched last olympics.


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      Curling is my favorite olympic sport!!!! It is true!! All the matches would come on at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning during the olympics, which was perfect for me since I work third shift.

      Plus the Women on the US curling team are really good looking, take a look here:


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        Originally posted by EdmcCaff87
        Hahahaha. There's a sport called Curl?
        who'd ever think there be such a lame sport and be profitable all in one.
        Its called Curling and yes.. Its PLAYED ALL over Canada, Me I never played it...


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          There are several Curling leagues here in MN. While I would never do it - because I think its kind of odd.
          Its pretty popular here.


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            yes, condemn that which you do not understand.

            it's actually quite fun, to watch and to play.

            and the U.S. has a pair of twins that play on the female goodness...

            Check out Goal Line Blitz

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