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    Avs Fan's reapings of the audition year so far:

    JeffBig 10 Honor Band
    Jefferson County All-County Band- 1st Chair Trumpet
    Colorado All State Jazz Band-3rd Chair Trumpet

    My audition for the All-State Band is on wednesday, and im hoping to kick butt on that, as i found out that i did not make it into the All-State Orchestra this year

    All you highschool musicians post what you got in different bands as well. This is the time of the year where we get to have some pride!!!! hurray!!!!!!!!!

    Any coach who listens to fans is going to be sitting with them pretty soon. - Bobby Bowden

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    Alright another fellow musician. In high school I was first chair in pretty much everything (Marching band, Jazz band, Brass Ensemble, concert band, Orchestra, wind ensemble etc.) I got to perform for the Walt Disney Teachers Awards which was aired on the Disney channel. My senior year I received the "Herb Alpert Award" & "Best musician Award". I minored in music composition in college. Today I currently play Principle Trombone in the Los Angeles Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra. I have played at the Pasadena Civic auditorium, the Dorothy Chandler pavilion, The Shrine Auditorium (Where the Oscars use to be held), The Kodak Theatre (Where the Oscars are held now), and the Hollywood Bowl. We are scheduled to play at the NEW Walt Disney Concert Hall in June of next year. I am really excited about that one, it will mark the Orchestras 70th anniversary usually alot of celebs attend those anniv. concerts. If anyone will be in the LA area in june I can get free tickets. Just let me know.


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      Congrats AvsFan on your auditions this year, good luck tomorrow with your audition.

      Milehighstud....It is really exciting to play in those big auditoriums and theatres where the acoustics are perfect...I played in a really nice (and old) theatre in Germany....too bad it was 400 years old and gave some of our flutes allergic reactions to the mold.

      I play the oboe, which pretty much limits what type of groups I can play in (only wind ensembles and orchestras).

      I was really bad up until I was a senior in high school, and have been getting better ever since. I have toured Switzerland, Holland, and Germany with my Wind Ensemble 2 years ago when I was in college. Now I play with a wind ensemble at one of the local colleges here in town (luckily for me, oboe players are hard to come by).


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        Good Luck I hope you get it!


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          MileHighStud i had no idea they were opening up a new concert hall! i love the current Walt Disney Hall, great acoustics. itll be interesting to see if they can recreate that again.
          Any coach who listens to fans is going to be sitting with them pretty soon. - Bobby Bowden


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            I play a mean "Arabian Nights" on Recorder (Or, I did about 12 years ago anyway)... And that's about the extent of my musical talent...

            Good luck AF26.

            And that's cool MHS, I think I've seen some show on the disney channel about young kids in an orchestra... Don't know if it was the same show or not.


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              I made 1st Alternate trumpet at the 5 State Honor band tryouts this year.

              I'm better than most people think though...


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                aha, another trumpet!!! where do you live aberdien?
                Any coach who listens to fans is going to be sitting with them pretty soon. - Bobby Bowden


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                  --- Congratulations AvsFan26 !!! ---



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                    Originally posted by AvsFan26
                    aha, another trumpet!!! where do you live aberdien?


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                      well, i just taped my All-State band audition. I was so nervous that i lost feeling in my hands. I am still going to kick some trumpet buttox!
                      Any coach who listens to fans is going to be sitting with them pretty soon. - Bobby Bowden


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                        oh and aberdien dont worry im not stalking you or anything just wanted to see if you lived in colorado or not! i always like to size up the competition!!!!
                        Any coach who listens to fans is going to be sitting with them pretty soon. - Bobby Bowden


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                          Congrats, Avsfan!

                          Trumpet is a blast....(pun intended).

                          I, too, played, in jr high through college.

                          Was 1st chair all the way.....marching, Jazz and Orchestra.
                          I had braces for a couple of those years, so had to wear cowhide to keep from splitting my lip open.
                          Plus, I was always going for that extra octave, when available. I'll never forget the headaches I'd get afterwards, though.......ugh.

                          In college, I was 3rd chair as a freshman, then 1st till I got tired of it in my senior yr.
                          My frosh year, homecoming week, my dorm found out I played and made me play revele outside the area in between 3 0430. I wasn't exactly the most liked noob that week.

                          In college jazz band, we traveled throughout nebraska/south dakota/wyoming and played for high schools....

                          ...the kids loved us....or just the time away from classes...was never quite sure about that.

                          I also played at my church, in folk mass plus Christmas Mass.

                          Haven't touched it for a couple moons.....but might have to see if I 'still got it'....

                          Just remember....

                          ....trumpet players are the best kissers.....
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                            I was 1st chair in high school and also played in an adult orchestra (when I was 15). Never had the opportunity to play real Jazz, although I did play it before

                            I am playing latin music now, I like it much better than classical. If the opportunity to play Jazz comes, I will probably take it. Trumpet is more of a hobby now, I dont really practice that much. I used to have some insecurities that didnt let me play relaxed, I do now but already made my plans. I will still play it though, I dont want to stop doing it

                            RC is right, trumpet players have developed lips, therefore are great kissers



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                              good to see so many musicians on the board!! this is awesome!!!
                              Any coach who listens to fans is going to be sitting with them pretty soon. - Bobby Bowden