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    Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69
    Jumping to conclusions? Until you actually experience an "incident" that actually repeats itself or follows you, you may not be a believer. I have a story that happened in the year 1981 and to this day, my friend will still not talk about it.

    This story happened in Dubuque Iowa.

    Out of high school, some friends of mine joined a company called A-Z Inventory based in Evergreen CO and we would travel in vans all over the midwest and take inventory at hardware stores, K-Marts and places like that.

    We landed at the K-Mart in Dubuque and began our jobs of counting. About an hour in, I started hearing my best friend call my name. Clear as a bell and it sounded like he was right behind me. I would turn around and nobody was there. This went on for about another hour. Every few minutes I would hear him call my name. It got to the point I was getting mad thinking he was playing a joke on me.

    I finally went and found him. He was clear across the store and had no idea what I was talking about. I went back to work and it started again. This went on all day and started freaking me out.

    Once we were done with the store that day, we were taken out to dinner at Dennys. The restaraunt was empty and the waitress said we could sit where ever we wanted.

    4 of us sat at this table next to a window. Everyone else scattered around the dining area. We sat at this table maybe 3 minutes when as I was looking at my friend, I clearly heard him say my name once again and his lips never moved. I looked around at everyone sitting at our table and after I heard it a third time, I finally asked "did anybody else hear that?" They started teasing me about losing my mind.

    About a minute later my friend said he felt a sudden cold spell on him. A drastic cold air. He said "I don't want to sit at this table anymore". So we all moved over to the center of the room and sat at a new table. We barely got ourselves situated when all of a sudden a very LARGE BAM was heard. We look over and the chandelier that was above the table we just moved from crashed into that table and busted it all to hell. We completely freaked.

    Now the story gets intense.

    After dinner, we all went over to our hotel. We are all doubled up in rooms. Each room has two double beds and my friend and I were room mates. My friend jumped in the shower and I laid on my bed and turned on the TV. We had to get up very early so I told him that I was going to go to sleep and cuddled up. He watched TV for awhile, turned off the light and went to sleep.

    About an hour into sleep, I get woken up by a choking sound. It was loud and as I was attempting to figure out what I was hearing, it dawned on me that it was my friend. Garble garble choke choke. It sounded desperate and serious. While he was making the garble garble sounds, I turned on the light between our beds and the instant the light came on, he shouted "THE LIGHT". He was trying to tell me to turn on the light. Once that light came on, he was released.

    He sat up and with his eyes the size of silver dollars he just stared at me and asked me why. I said "Why what?" He felt somebody sit down on his bed and begin holding his throat down to the pillow. He could not move. Only attempt to speak with said garble and choking sounds. He thought I did it to him.

    Several seconds tick by and both of us look over and see what appears to be a man standing behind the TV in the corner. We look at each other and then look back. Both of us saw it.

    There was a map of the city on the wall covered with a plexiglass cover that showed a reflection of light that came through the slightly cracked curtains. The reflection started to change from one corner moving diagonally. It turned bright purple and stayed that way for about a minute. The next thing we know, we hear something smack the table in the room that was next to the TV. The image of the man was gone and thats when we noticed the bible on the table was now opened.

    I went over, picked it up and just started reading. I do not recall the chapter or verse but I remember reading the following statement. "Do not be afraid, he is only here to guide you". Now if there was some presense there "guiding" us, then why did the entity or whatever it was attempt to hurt my friend? After discussing what we had experienced all day, my friend said that it was trying to keep him quiet and communicate with him. Once I turned that light on, the entity had let him go.

    We didn't sleep the rest of the night and we never told anybody else what had happened.

    This next day, we had to get back in our vans and travel to Texas. We were about 1/2 day into the drive when all of a sudden our van driver swerved and ran us off the road. We almost collided with a road sign as the van skidded, pulled a donut and came to a stop. The driver was frantically looking around in the road. He then asked if any of us had seen the man standing in the road. My friend and I looked at each other and felt numb. There was no man in the road and we were out in the middle of nowhere. After looking at each other for a minute we both asked him to describe the man that he saw and guess what. Yep... just like the image we saw in our hotel room the night before. A short man that looked like he was wearing a robe or coat or something.

    We made sure everyone was OK, got the van back on the road and continued our drive. After that nothing else happened but I will NEVER forget that entire experience and like I said, my friend refuses to talk about this even now.

    Take this story as you will, but nobody will ever convince me that we were imagining this or that there was some logical explanation for all that had happened.
    I don't think anyone could make that up, B69. I had a hard time reading it, sitting here by myself without anyone else around. :shake: There are things we can't explain away all the time with a little quip of logic. It's not important everyone else believes you either, because rather they do or they don' still happened.
    I find the older I get, in some ways, the less wise I find out I am, and my experience (along with hearing yours)....just makes me feel a little tiny and insignificant.
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      well if it was me i would have read the bible too, but i do think i would have left the room after that and prolly slept on the floor in the hallway, with a knife. not like it would help but atleast i would feel better
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        Originally posted by underrated29
        well if it was me i would have read the bible too, but i do think i would have left the room after that and prolly slept on the floor in the hallway, with a knife. not like it would help but atleast i would feel better

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          Originally posted by Bronco T
          Im not saying your lying, but why would you read the bible and not get the hell out of the room?
          One of those you had to be there I suppose. I was drawn to it after seeing it open. It was not open before.

          After all this happened, we sat there with all the lights on, we opened the curtains and we couldn't wait for everyone else to be ready to go so we could in fact get the hell out of there.

          I know some may say I am making this up or just plain lying and that is fine. I don't expect everyone to believe me.
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