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    I am a Bronco fan because I love football, and I was born in Denver, and the Broncos will always be my team. But I am curious to hear why others are Bronco fans. I know there are posters on here who lived in Colorado, and then moved away, and continue to be Bronco fans. But what about you who have never lived here. Why are you Bronco fans? JAWS has told her story before, but it is a great story.

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    Born and reaised in Colorado as a Bronco fan


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      I have lived in Mississippi all my life but I was born a Broncos fan, mainly because I have alot of family that lives in Denver and my mom is a huge broncos fan. She told me that when I was a little kid i pointed to a player on the screen and asked who it was and she said it was John Elway, the best player in the NFL. He immediately became my favorite player and the Broncos have forever been my favorite team!


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        I grew up in Wyoming, so the Broncos where the closest "home team". But even more than that, I am a Broncos fan because I live in the USA and my freedom gives me the right to choose, and I chose to be a fan of the greatest football team in this country and I will be until long after I die
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          I am a Bronco fan!

          Mainly because I too was born in Denver, and have lived here, or on the outskirts of, most of my entire life.

          My dad started taking me to games in the late 60's when I was a kid, and we continued that up until I moved away to high school in Durango for two years. And then picked it back up when I returned.

          We also used to go to a lot of Nugget games. David Thompson, Monte Towe, that era, but I never really got into NBA. Or was it ABA back then? lol

          Anyway, I practically grew up at Mile High Stadium. Even though we are only talking about a few Sundays a year, I came to know the place very well. And I met lots of employees along the way of the team. Not really players or coaches, but more people behind the scenes. Exec's, staff, people who ran various kiosks (some with the team, and some not), people like that.

          I've said before and I'll probably say again;

          The Denver Broncos organization has always treated me well, and made me feel part of their family.

          So even though I am a fan of the league, and every team (yes, even Oakland, lol), it's BECAUSE of the Broncos organization that I AM a football fan at all.

          It has nothing to do with the play of the team. Or the various players that have donned the uniform over the years. It has everything to do with how the organization treats it's fans.

          I know they probably havent treated EVERY fan like they have me, but life is what YOU make it. You gotta give a little if you wanna take a little, ya know?

          I'll tell ya what it all boils down to.

          Remember that Samuel L. Jackson MNF intro? The one for the Raider/Bronco game a few years back? Evil hates good, and good hates evil?

          That's it!

          The Broncos are the good guys!


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            I am from the island of Cyprus but i have lived all my life in England. I got interested in the NFL after playing my friends copy of Madden. I first liked the Rams becuase that was the first team i watched on TV. I then watched a few other games but then i watched a Bronco game. The Broncos actually lost the game but i loved the team. From then on i became a Bronco fan and completely forgot about the Rams. I just really liked the team. I then started following the Broncos closely and i realized this team was and still is special, from then on everything was the Denver Broncs. I will always be a Bronco fan.

            GO BRONCOS!
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              I was born and raised in Colorado, played football in school, when the Broncos came to be, it was just an excepted fact that we were automatically to become Broncos fans.

              There are two kinds of teams in the AFCW; The losers and the Broncos!!!

              I Support our Troops!
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                first game i ever actually watched was super bowl 32. been a bronco fan ever since
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                  I spent most of my life in Colorado and also its hard for us to win any games. I dont know why but I dont like cocky teams so thats why I like the Broncos. I love Colorado and everything in it except the MLB Rockies. Period. My soul and body love Colorado.
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                    I'm a Bandwagon fan... LOL jk I don't know my first game was only last season when they lost and I've been in love ever since. Wearing my Bronco hats everyday... I guess it was the Mile High Magic!!
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                      When I was 6 I looked up to this guy who was 10. He liked the Broncos so I decided to like them too. Even though I did not know how to play football a few times I'd beg my mom to let me watch MNF because I had no idea the NFL was played on Sundays. I had absolutely NO idea what was going on but I liek them ever since. I learned how to play 4 years ago.
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                        Life is good

                        Been a fan for YEARS. Born in Denver, raised in Colorado.
                        Been living away for many years now, but there is nothing quite like the Mile High Magic, stress included.


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                          I was like 11 when I started to enjoy watching football on television...

                          and that was in 1986...

                          I live in New York and have for the entirety of my days...

                          It was Denver v. New York in the Super Bowl...

                          And being a denizen of the Empire State, I despised the Giants, Jets and never heard of the Bills...

                          I saw John Elway on television after Denver had won the AFC Championship and were slated to face the Giants in the Super Bowl...

                          I believe Denver was an underdog and I felt compelled to root for them...

                          And in true Law Man form, I went on to withstand that particular drubbing, the absolute breakdown the following year versus Washington in the 3rd quarter, total anihilation in 1989, the Buffalo Bills scoring 21 points in 97 seconds to defeat us, (That was the very first time I said the F-word in front of Grandma ) being defeated b the #[email protected]^%-ing expansion team in 1993 and ...finally back to back Super Bowl wins in '98 and '99 and the pleasure of watching the greatest Quarterback of all time retire a Super Bowl Champion and the MVP...

                          Denver has almost never deisappointed me as a fan...I'll never complain about 10 win seasons in today's parity league...If we don't have John Elway around to keep us in every single game we play, I'll take winning 10 a year and the second coming of Deion Sanders with tackling ability...I will always be a Broncos fan...

                          and so will my kids...
                          I've walked these streets, a loaded six-string on my back, I play for keeps 'cause I might not make it back, I've been everywhere still I'm standin' tall, I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all!!:salute!:


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                            I LOVE football. My whole family loves football and we are all Broncos fans (except for my mother, but everyone has a black sheep right?) and I have lived in CO my whole life so it just kinda happened that way I guess.
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                              oilers broncos afc div playoffs,ELAWAY COMEBACK,only to lose NEXT WEEK AT THE BILLS.

                              THX 2 MY UNCLE(RIP)I'M A CRAZY BRONCO FAN