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    my mate went to america met a lass from pueblo,colorado who was a big broncos fan brought her over to england and got me into american football . hes living over your end not a big broncos fan i just take an intrest in how there getting on


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      Originally posted by Denver Native
      I am a Bronco fan because I love football, and I was born in Denver, and the Broncos will always be my team. But I am curious to hear why others are Bronco fans. I know there are posters on here who lived in Colorado, and then moved away, and continue to be Bronco fans. But what about you who have never lived here. Why are you Bronco fans? JAWS has told her story before, but it is a great story.
      I root for teams that have orange and blue uniforms.

      Islanders (don't watch much hockey anymore)

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        My first memory of being a Denver fan was the despute at my school on who would win Super Bowl 33, Denver or Atlanta. Being closer to Atlanta than any other football team, my school was rooting for the Falcons to beat the Broncos. It seemed like I was the only one in Murphy, NC that believed in Mile High Magic. The Friday before Super Bowl Sunday, everyone was shoving the "Dirty Bird" dance in my face, mocking my "Mile High Salute". The next Monday, everyone was doing the salute. I told everyone of them to STFU!!


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          To be honest, I'm a bandwagoner from the late 80s. I was tired of watching the Oilers and Saints lose because I grew up in SW La.. Plus I had a coach who was a big Elway/Denver fan and was an influence. Then I went into the Marines and was stationed at WhidbeyIs, Wa and saw my first Broncos game in the Kingdome. It was on a Monday night actually had to take leave. But been a fan ever since.