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I had Christmas Carolers Come To MY Door Tonight!

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    Originally posted by His Wife
    You mean they needed a defibulator following the act?
    Good morning Summerz! Nice to see you!
    You could see the old folks turning their hearing aids down as we entered the room.

    Kinda took the fun out of it.
    Then again I don't blame them lol.
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      Originally posted by Day1BroncoFan
      I have had carolers at my house but longer than 20 years ago.

      There at least one missing option.
      I have caroled also longer than 20 years, not when I was drinking, but rather as a child.

      As a child also.


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        I got Christmas caroling with my church every year, but none have ever come to my house.

        We usually just go to the nursing homes and to people that aren't able to get out of their houses.


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          We live in a farm country type subdivision this is really organized. They are really hip about keeping up with the Neighborhood Watch Program. We have block captains and everything. They organize a safe street for Halloween, we have Christmas light contest each year (we have won last two years. ) and they have monthly meetings to discuss any issues people may have with whatever topic. It is pretty amazing since I have never been in a situation like this.

          And to the topic at hand. They get together and go caroling every year. It is a very large group and this reminds me. We need to have some treats ready for when they come by. We have a ton of cookies left over from the party on Saturday so we may give out those. It is a tradition to have a snack or whatever ready for the Carolers.
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            Originally posted by PatsCrowEater
            I couldn't believe it! A group of 15 Christmas Carolers came to my door and sang "Silver Bells." One of my favorites by the way. My whole family loved it!

            It's been about 30 years since Christmas Carolers came to my door so I thought I'd pose the question:

            When was the last time Christmas Carolers came to your door?


            Have you ever gone Christmas Caroling?

            (Multiple choices are allowed)

            I'm surprised they came to YOUR door too.
            Ready for the friggen season already!


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              Originally posted by Giveemlove
              I'm surprised they came to YOUR door too.
              They probably saw his avatar and were hoping you'd be the one to answer the door.

              HEAR ME ROAR!
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