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Im giving Out New YEars CPS!!

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    You guys are talking about donk dots right?!?


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      Originally posted by Raiderfan76
      You guys are talking about donk dots right?!?

      donk dots LOL!!!

      More like Dawg Dots


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        Originally posted by champbronc2
        On New Years hit me and I'll hit ya back!

        I'm in...give me one and i will return the favor!


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          Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16
          hey pnut whats going on

          i like that original idea from you

          i would love a new years cp from you

          it would make my year great since ive never gotten a cp from you

          ive always dreamed of getting a cp from you pnut

          i admire you and your post

          and you got a great looking girl friend

          please make my dreams come true p nut
          That's some good butt kissing your doing there. Pnut give him a CP he earned it. Oh and CPs for all from me too!
          President Cool


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            I will be giving out Cps also.Im In,Hit me and i will hit ya back
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              Originally posted by BroncoSexyDaddy
              I will be giving out Cps also.
              You will 'eh? Thats a nice thing to do!
              ...capture it...remember it...


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                Originally posted by Snapping Turtle
                You will 'eh? Thats a nice thing to do!


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                  Originally posted by RunYouOver
                  No offense...but I think everyone's going a little overboard with all the Hey I'll give you all CPs because it's Tuesday!

                  I mean hey, I'll take one.....but I think we're significantly lowering the value of CP by just giving them all away for no reason what so ever.

                  Just my opinion....
                  I do not think it is everyone but a paticular group of people.

                  P-nut is not a normal person that does this type of thing and seems to only give out a CP if a person "really" deserves it.

                  There a few people that will ask for a CP non stop on threads or use tactics to get them. First person to come to mind is the exutioner guy.

                  He even went on one of those CP bets and said no one paid me and never picked a team... or when new comers come on here he says you need to click my CP thing for somthing

                  As for me I reward people on a post but not always on that paticular post...

                  For instance you have had a great amount of good posts but if I am unable to hit you up because I could not give you one or I am out I just hit you up when ever I remember

                  I will always take a CP... but do agree some people are lowering the standards of them specially in last couple months.

                  P-nut is not one of them though