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    Check over at Look under the tailgating thread. You should be able to get tix at the stadium. Tis what my bro, and bro-in-law are gonna do, if they cant get'em theyre just gonna head across the street to Seau's,and party there. (Its a resturaunt owned by Jr Seau) In case you didnt know.. Good luck!


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      Originally posted by horsesense
      I need a couple of tix. I live in the long beach area, and work in Fountain Valley I plan on going down early Sun, am, but I know there will be folks there sat.. have fun bro...
      Shoot - I live near El Dorado Park, dude!

      If friday pm works for you say - 6pm - we could hook up on your drive back from Fountain Valley. There's a 7-11 store just off the 22 frwy at Studebaker go north on studebaker at the first light.

      seats are secton 31 Row 14 seats 5 &6
      cost for both tix is $132 (face value + ticketmaster charges) + a beer each !

      lemme know if you can make it tomorrow/want tix/do tix xfer saturday, etc.
      Won a 12 team parlay!!!! Just wish I'd actually made the bet in Vega$