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Girl Found In New Mexico

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  • Girl Found In New Mexico

    whoa..that's like 20 minutes away from me

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    Originally posted by aberdien,2933,244860,00.html

    whoa..that's like 20 minutes away from me
    The girl is amazing. She jumped out of the car, went into the store and not only told them to phone the police but gave them the number to call. WOW, ten years old.

    I'm glad this worked out good, now all that's left is finding and convicting the perpetrator.

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      TEXHOMA, Okla. — Marissa Marie Graham was found in New Mexico Friday after she escaped from the back of a car when her kidnapper stopped at a convenience store for gas, officials said.

      Wow good for her!
      OFF TOPIC but....
      We had a sad story near here about 10 years ago.
      A girl was found dead in a cornfield.
      Guess who was one of the people in the search party?
      The kid that killed her, shows you just never know sometimes.


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        Thats so good to read after hearing about alot of these children
        that are either not found or are found dead....

        smart intelliegent young lady...

        hope the guys is caught and soon...
        Tony G

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          Good to hear that she escaped, and what a smart little girl - GOOD FOR HER!!! Now, just find the jerk who kidnapped her.

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