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JRWIZ involved in major accident . . .

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  • JRWIZ involved in major accident . . .

    I don't think my friend JR will mind my posting his email to me:

    Was on my way to cruces theia mornig when someone clipped the rear ind of car. She ran a red light it caused me to spin out and roll the car twice.

    [My daughter] was in teh backseat wrapped up Ina blanket and wedged in with a bunch of pillows we were coming over for a VB tiourney at the rec center at NMSU. [My daughter] briused all over mostly her left hip. [My wife] is in a neck brace AGAIN for her migranes, She was a real trooper as all the doors were jammed she crAwled out her window foud her cell phone taht got away from the car and called 911. The nearest paramedics was just down the sreet at a firehouse so a couple of them came running after hereing the crash and roll overs.

    I was pinned in the car as the roof right over me magaged to hit the curb and was mashed right up next to my face. The had to jaws of life teh door to get both dani and I out of the car.
    I got the brunt of the impact on my right side where I think the sunroof crumbled.

    My right eye and back past my ear is about 3 sizes bigger than normal and since you know I have big head you can imagine.

    PArdon the spelling as even the vicodin has not taken all the pain aaway. Spent all day at the Trama got home about an hour ago

    CAr is totaled and jsut got a message fromt ehpolice on the scene there was a witness right behind us verifing we had the green light. The other car claimed we ran the light. Scum bag

    COunt your blessings every day as had I been a miliscecind eeaelrier to that light I would have most likely lost [my daughter] and [my wife] it would have hit them square on.

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    My thoughts and prayers to JR.

    Close calls like this have happened before (Emancipator).

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      Thank goodness you all ok even with the injuries.

      Get well soon JR we'll all be praying for a quick recovery.


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        Thanks for posting Top.

        JR - it is great that you, your wife and daughter, all made it. I am so thankful for that. Take care, take it easy, and the healing will come.

        God Bless!

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          Hey JR, I hope you get better. I'm glad you're alive, and I wish you, your wife and daughter a speedy and full recovery.
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            My thought and prayers go out to JR and his family.
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              Oh no! My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
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                Truly is sad.

                I hope him and his family will have a quick recovery.

                I also hope that the people that hit him will be brought to justice.


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                  God Bless them


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                    Thanks for posting, Top.

                    My thoughts and prayers are with JR and his family as they try to make sense of this, and put their lives back together.

                    Thank God that they are all ok (as ok as you can be after something like this).

                    I am glad to hear that we have not lost another member, nor did he lose any precious one in his family.



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                      WOW. Seems we have a lot of this lately. More so than expected I guess.

                      Prayers to JWIZ and family for a speedy and full recovery.
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                        My thoughts and prayers go out to JR and his family.

                        God bless them all and I hope they recover from all the injuries quickly
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                          thanks top. I am sure he wont mind you posting this at all. Thoughts and prayers going out to him and his family for speedy recovery and healing. The Good Lord was watching over them today.

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                            Man, I'm glad to hear everyone is reasonably OK through it all.
                            I will be praying for all.
                            Thanks for posting.

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                              thanks for posting this, top-- thank goodness it wasn't any worse! if you're in contact with him, please relay our sympathies and best wishes. . . .

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                              rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!