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    Originally posted by JoRo

    I felt like I was unworthy of being loved...

    dude, don't ever feel that way!! no one should feel that way. . . you've obviously had some bad luck recently, but the hard truth is that's just the way it goes sometimes. . . . but IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! don't blame yourself for things you have no control over. . .

    Originally posted by JoRo
    I mean I felt guilty talking to people about my problems...
    you shouldn't! everyone needs some help sometimes, man-- you're no different, and there's no shame in it at all. . . it's just part of being human. . . stop beating yourself up-- sounds like you've taken enough hard hits lately, no need to add any more. . .

    and good for you that you threw your ex's stuff in the dumpster-- smartest thing you can possibly do in that situation. . . . i'm sure you're broken up about it right now, but eventually you'll realize that with the way things worked out, she obviously wasn't the one for you-- may sound corny but it's absolutely the truth. . . you are so young, you will meet so many more girls. . . and you are very right that the best thing to do is just not have any contact with her for a while. . . every time you see her or talk to her it's just going to re-open the wound-- give it a chance to heal! and don't worry about her-- you need to put yourself first right now, and there's NOTHING selfish about that. . .

    it sounds like you're starting to realize some of these things, but it never hurts to hear it from someone else. . . don't ever be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help, or just for someone to listen, whether it's with us here or someone in your regular life. . . stay strong-- you're going to get through this just fine, and things will get better eventually! and keep your sense of humor handy, it can be a valuable friend in these types of situations. . .
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    rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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      Hey Joe, hang in there buddy. We are all here for you. Remember, times can get tough, but God is tougher. PM me if you need to talk.
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        Joe, I am praying for you. If you need to talk, pm me anytime.

        Thanks to Bronco4Life and Medford Bronco for signature

        Rest in Peace - Darrent (27) and Damien (29