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Would You Ever "Like" A Member You Do Not Always Get Along With?

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  • Would You Ever "Like" A Member You Do Not Always Get Along With?

    I would. I certainly did in The CP days.

    Being less of a social media person, I still find it a bit "different" to be sending likes and whatever to folks, especially those I do not know.. But I see the merit of positivity. So I buy in, like most humanoids. I still wonder if this world of instant gratification is messing us up somewhat, especially the youth, who sometimes weigh their daily performance in likes and friends, vs silence and concerns over popularity. I've mentioned before the absolute travesty of a world with FOMO (fear of missing out) infiltrating the very core of our younger generations. It's an unnecessary feeling, and is likely still on the rise. I worry about young folks because those fears and feelings are a waste of energy and a jolt to their self esteem.

    I digress.

    In past when people I did not always see eye to eye with made a solid post, I would make an effort to acknowledge the fact. As will I in the coming days/weeks/years. If I stay. I think we are all better off by reducing any gaps we may have between one another. Otherwise this is much more about "who we like", and that's fair, but it does separate many into camps, and in some ways is no different than those high schoolers we tend to make light of, in terms of their clique like nature. Just my opinion.

    Conversely I have stated that I "like" this place more since the upgrade. No more negs. I was a voice of anti-neg sentiments, given that opinions should not be secretly attacked, and members should not be able to make weird comments towards others, anonymously. I still believe that some such comments were aimed at the person, not the post. Again, we're not high schoolers.

    I still offer my thoughts about various topics, though I am definitely on the inside more looking out. Just say I am no longer on the month to month lease, rather the day to day one. And when I do go, unlike a previous time, I will go without a word, other to some of my buds here. And it's not about the team performance, because I am still a Broncos fan. But I do think the energy level is low, and it goes beyond the football discussions. That's not even the extent of it regarding my participation. There's more, but it's not important to describe. But yes, it is a positive for me to open my (once was) CPs, and not have to wonder what colour they would be. Even thinking what I posted that might have got me the "dig". That becomes a concern. Hey, when you have a good life, wonderful family and friends, plenty of other sites to consider, why bother?

    But having spent a lot of time here over the years, and having so many good experiences, it is hard to let go. I especially used to love coming up with ideas for threads as I was doing other things. It was fun, and it was rewarding. Heck, years ago we used to have much livelier discussions in the Anything Goes forum, over seemingly nothing too important. I also wish we had more dialogue in the other sports sections. Hey, that's just me.

    But until I leave...I stay. I look to make a contribution. I look forward to helping out anyone who wants it. I hope to inform. And though I am not always the best debater, I do look forward to discussing. And I will earnestly look for opportunities to "like" a post that in my opinion, deserves to be liked, no matter who posted it.

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