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Anybody own or buy recreational / vacant land?

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  • Anybody own or buy recreational / vacant land?

    The wife and I have been interested in purchasing a piece of land to call our own. No, not our primary residence - an area away from our 'home' to go to to do whatever - but mostly hunt.

    The earth was created, and the land was claimed. As you know, the earth can't 'build' more land - thus the expensive price tag of it. Here in WI, it's easy to see $4000/acre.

    Anyways, I'm at a point in my life where I feel like purchasing a piece of land to use for myself, my wife, our immediate family, and some friends could be beneficial as most of us our outdoorsman/women who enjoy hunting different game and animals.

    I've been eyeing a piece of 'starter land' consisting of 20 acres. It has a nice diverse habitat, and could allow hunting deer, duck, and turkey. I don't own any huge machinery or atv's (yet), but this parcel I'm looking at doesn't really NEED any of that stuff....

    Looking for anyone who has gone down this road - and if anyone has any advice, tips, horror stories, or general opinions.

    My wife and I have done a good job of being finically 'smart' - solid incomes, no debt other than our mortgage, attacking our retirement portfolios, prolonging the life of our vehicles, etc. But we're also in the stage where children are possibly coming into play. Our home is very nice but now 15 years old - so you know the roof, A/C, Furnance, etc are all in that window of getting up there in age.

    But then again - with all the crap that has gone on over the last year or so (pandemic, my fathers death, a failed pregnancy), we're sort of like "so what?" Why miss out on an opportunity that our families could use and pass on for possibly generations? An opportunity with land being so sought for, will only get more expensive?