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Life is so confusing, but I spose if it wasn't it'd be boring

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  • Life is so confusing, but I spose if it wasn't it'd be boring

    I know I know, here he goes again with another thread talking about whatever. I dunno, I just felt like typing this out and seeing it all down and all. Noone has to worry or anything I am not feeling as down about stuff as I was, just kind of weird.

    I feel happy, the last few days I think God has really gotten my attention with stuff, but the strange thing is what some of the stuff he has gotten my attention with.

    On thursday night I had told my ex that I wouldn't be talking to her about how I feel, and well that was that, till Friday. She had accused me of saying stuff bout her, which I hadn't and then we had kinda talked/written each other in History, and I thought well that was that.

    But again, it wasn't. I had planned on going to the city ("city") Friday night, and I had to wait for my friend till 5, so while I sat there waiting I was on the computer. I had an email from my ex, she was tlakin bout somethin random, then went on to mention that she kinda felt sad cuz she loved tlakin to me. Which made me feel at that moment "O man... here I go" cuz I knew I had to write back. We sent back an forth for awhile, till Saturday when she got home from skiin she finally talked to me on msn. I was guarding myself, I didn't want to get hurt, and I was bein a jerk, blaming her for everything I had felt, whcih wasn't entirely the case as my mom had stuff to do with it to.

    Well I had an hour till my Youth Group and I suddenly felt like I should go talk to her in person, now... this wasn't me, I didn't want to cuz I dint feel anything good would come from it, and I really didn't wanna get hurt. I was actually scared to. But I couldn't shake the feeling, and strangely enough she WANTED me to come talk to her (first time in the week )

    So I did, and I was right, nothin really changed... cept one thing... me...

    I was sitting there talkin to her, and you can believe me or not, but suddenly I felt this overwhelmin feeling. I didn't want to feel that way and I swear I didn't the two days leadin up to it, I had just accepted we were done. But suddenly I felt this on my heart, and she made me tell her. I told her that I didn't feel I would ever get over her, which had jus occured to me. She said she knew that (which makes me wanna ask bout that btw ) and then I told her it felt like God was tellin me that we would be together again, down the road. And I told her that the weird thing is that if an when we were, we wouldnt be the same two people that had been together before, cuz in that week alone I felt (and feel) like a completely different person. I don't know how she actually took me sayin that, she jus kinda joked that I was a prophet. But I can't shake this feeling. I aint saying I want that, to me I'd rather not know that cuz I know that she will prolly be wit other people between that, but I jus, I can't lie about how it feels.

    Sorry for soundin stupid, and you guys will prolly tell me I am bein stupid... but I jus wanted to spill that.

    Also: Thanks for all the prayers again
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    You will get over her eventually.

    But ya know there is nothing wrong with being an opptomist! I consider myself more a opptomist but a little bit of a realist too.
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      I'm glad your feeling better.

      Usually telling someone how you really feel can get all the pressure off your system real fast.

      Just continue being optimistic and you'll go farther than you've thought you could.


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        Joe, as I have told you before - what will be will be - what is meant for you down the line will be. You are absolutely TOO young to get yourself so stressed over things now. Have fun, date other girls, live your life, let her live hers, and see what happens in the years to come. As I said, if it is meant to be, it will be, but you can't push it.

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          well i just got a date

          and i was really happy

          but then today i woke up

          and relized no more freedom

          but i guess i should still go to the date

          cept its at a movie theater-that inless of course

          i can convice her to come to my place
          ,,no thats not what your thinking

          I still miss the blue background.


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            Thanks guys,

            I am not stressed over it. Like today we just went skiing. I felt so happy, like no pressure either way and all, we jus kinda tlaked and hung out. I feel like, i dunno, I feel happy with how things are, and i told her that, cuz I mean... I dunno. It feels like I guess everythin is as good as can be. I feel at peace with everythin... hopefully it lasts

            And I wasn't saying all that cuz I am worried or pushing it around or anythin, it was jus this feeling that I couldn't describe suddnely hittin me really hard. It wasnt so much me wantin to feel that, up till that point i had jus said bah wutever nothin will ever happen like that, an then all of a sudden it was kinda like

            God: Just wanted you to know this

            Me: Wa?

            God: Ya, just so you know...

            That is the easiest way to describe it
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              glad to hear your doing better joro
              continue to look at the future and take care of yourself 1st
              good things will happen for you in the future

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                Well, I guess how I feel right now... is that if it is meant to be, it will be... you know? I am not worried at all about anythin and I just feel really happy about how things are in my life RIGHT now.. I guess I am finally trusting... hope I keep doin that its a good feelin Feels like no matter waht I know I'll be ok
                Bronco fan from Packer Land.
                Lefty Writer on The Sports Show with Woody Paige and Les Shapiro
                Tweet me @JoRo_5551