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Awaiting Results Can Cause Crazy Anxiety

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  • Awaiting Results Can Cause Crazy Anxiety

    I am older than most here, so you may not have as much experience when it comes to the awful anxiety when you are awaiting certain types of information, especially the medical type. The mind can work wonders, and conversely, it can be your worst ally, given its propensity to exaggerate situations when in fear mode.

    I often use medical experiences to relate this phenomena, because the consequences are sometime quite serious, and the waiting time gives one far too much time to imagine what is wrong with them. Not that some medical issues aren't of relative concern, and need to be acted upon, but when given time to think and to research, the mind can go on a wild ride of worst case scenarios, and a pain can turn into a more noticeable pain, and a symptom or two can soon translate to a severe medical problem.

    My doctor has phone appointments these days, for most things, but also has face to face meetings if required. Awaiting for him to call was agony, as I felt quite strongly that my blood work would verify a potential threat. I was almost convinced. I feel a certain way, "google" provided ample evidence, so it just came down to the dreaded phone ring.

    And so he called. Blood work ok. Say what?? Huge relief, even though I am not 100%. But there are explanations....mostly much less concerning.

    I still remember some very worrisome appointments in my time......sitting in the doctor's office. And then you could hear those footsteps as he got closer. The anxiety level off the charts. And when he entered, everything rode on those first few words/facial gestures. I think these "important" appointments have taken a year off my life already, just in heart rate/pressure!

    It's not really a joking matter, because some things do go wrong. We must prepare for whatever comes. But my only advice, which I have still not taken well, is to lessen the drama by being as positive as you can, and by all means, try not to read up too much. Yes, some of it is useful but some will convince you that you are quite sick.

    Yes this applies to almost any facet of life. Waiting for "that" call. But as I always tell folks, if I put all my focus into a small pain in my body, I can make it grow in intensity. Not wise. Not because I want to, but the good news about the brain is it's amazing power when put into full use. So I end this with....put that beautiful brain into more productive activity.