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What have you wanted to learn to do but didn't because?

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    Originally posted by LordTrychon View Post

    Wait... they have history?

    I'm just going for the food!

    Going back to the original question... Juggling is something that I've very briefly tried to figure out a few times. Never could really get past the third catch or so. Never had the patience to try to get better.

    In the early quarantine days, I started to try to teach myself to 'make a card magically appear'. I got okayish at it. It would be cool to learn that as well as a few other slight of hand type tricks, but I just don't know if my finger joints could handle the speed/dexterity needed at this point.
    I don't know any card tricks except "52 Card Pickup" and hand dexterity and slight of hand is paramount, lack of dexterity forced me to abandon the guitar.

    I almost forgot. I actually got pretty good at juggling 3 tennis balls and 3 raw eggs (not at the same time). Never got any good at adding a fourth of either one.
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