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Valentine's Day

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    this is the one day of the year i hate

    i blame it on hallmark cards!!!

    still gotta do what a mans gotta do. being my gf is 7 months preg. now i gotta do sumthin to remember 4 her.

    i try and stay away from traditional stuff too much. ill get her flowers but not overboard. i took the week off not cuz its valentines but because i have too much vac. left over from last year so i use it or lose it.

    maybe a trip to atlantic city or just a quick getaway. who knows.
    i fly by the seat of my pants. never one for planing anything, just pack and go.

    now the best thing i did on any holiday was thanksgiving.

    we worked together and they were doing a food drive for the homeless. so we went to the local store and my gf was getting all canned goods and i said we needed baby food. she looked at me puzzled and said "what the hell would we need baby food for?" i promtly replied "im sure there are babies that need food too." i couldnt do no wrong for months. and every thanksgiving she remembers that day.

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